Michelle Fields Shocked That Hannity Wont Stand Up to Trump

It may be time for an intervention of sorts with Sean Hannity. When a relationship becomes so all-consuming that all other interests and friends are shunned, it has reached an unhealthy level.


Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart reporter in the center of the firestorm, regarding Donald Trump’s campaign manager, the elfin Corey Lewandowski, and his act of simple battery against her, says Hannity has failed to take Trump to task on the matter.

Hannity, like a love struck teen girl, can’t see past the stars in his eyes to address anything beyond his current preoccupation with boot-licking.


In another one-hour lovefest, Hannity had the opportunity to question Trump about his initial claim that Fields was lying, which quickly changed, once surveillance footage was released. The video did, indeed, show Lewandowski grabbing Fields’ arm. Trump countered with the ludicrous claim that Fields’ pen could have been a knife or a bomb.

It’s not as if he just made that up out of thin air as a defense, or anything.

Hannity could have pressed Trump to man up. He could have asked him to tell the truth. He could have asked him if he would apologize to Fields for lying about everything that happened, every step of the way. He could have done so many things to show himself to be a man, rather than just another spineless Trumpidian toady.

But he didn’t.

What he did do was claim to have watched the video 150 times and then backed the play of those who say Fields lied. He just didn’t see what she said happened.



The argument is in semantics. Fields said he “nearly pulled her to the ground,” yet, in the video, tiny Lewandowski is seen grabbing her arm with his tiny little hands and giving her a sharp yank.

Was she nearly pulled to the ground? She didn’t seem to be, but then, she was pulled roughly to the side and unexpectedly. She may have very well felt that she was about to lose her footing.

Either way, she was touched. She was bruised, and the reaction to what happened to her by Trump, Breitbart, and now someone who she called a friend, Sean Hannity, was despicable.

One gets the feeling that Hannity would rather cut off one of his own appendages than to press Trump on anything that might offend him.

Frankly, I didn’t know eunuchs were still a thing.

As a point of interest, while Hannity was paying breathless homage to his Kaiser, Fields was getting death threats from equally enamored and soulless Trumpkins.

One ominous caller (made possible, since Fox News and Buzzfeed “accidentally” posted Fields’ personal information when they posted the police report against Lewandowski) threatens to slit her throat if she didn’t drop the charges against Lewandowski.

Listen to the audio 150 times, Sean. See if you can detect a death threat.


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