Ben Carson Decries GOP Establishment. Again.

Dr. Ben Carson is determined to bury any lingering hopes that he was ever the noble character that his supporters believed him to be during his run for the GOP nomination.


In another desperate showing of blatant toadyism, Carson once again conjured images of the GOP establishment boogeyman, in an interview with FastForward Magazine, as told in the Washington Examiner:

“You see the Republican establishment willing to throw the election and give it to Hillary rather than have Mr. Trump in there, because they know that at least with Hillary, even though they have lots of disagreements, essentially she’s one of them and they can continue with their positions and their power.”

There’s no question that there is an air of cronyism with the deeply rooted political class of Washington, but the goal is to win and retain power, and there are well-defined lines separating each team. Carson’s desire to play victim is insatiable.

“They are horrified at the thought of somebody that they cannot control…When my candidacy was ascending so rapidly and took me to the top, they became incredibly concerned.”

Carson’s sudden plunge in the polls and subsequent withdrawal probably has nothing to do with a string of unfortunate comments and bizarre policy stances. It’s because he was an “outsider.”


Likewise, the GOP establishment’s distaste for Trump is because he’s an “outsider” (if being the golfing buddy of, and faithful contributor to multiple – usually leftwing – politicians makes one an outsider). It probably has no relation at all to the fact that in multiple polls he’s a decisive loser to Hillary Clinton.

Carson has done more damage to his image at this point than any Washington insider could have orchestrated. With his persistent cheerleading and defense of Trump and his antics, he’s like the hungover sorority girl, giving feeble justifications to all her friends about why she was seen sneaking out of some freshman’s dorm room in the early morning hours.

Let it go, Ben. Just let it go.


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