Democrats Banking on Trump to Win

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, seen in reflection, poses for a portrait following an interview with the Associated Press at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

And so the true legacy of Trump will go down as the hammer that tolled the bell, signaling the clamorous end of the Grand Old Party.

When the ugly side of humanity, not yet evolved from the ancient primordial ooze, suddenly began to walk upright and into the voting booth, sporting red ball caps and chanting, “Make America great again!” we had to know that no good could come of it.


The Trump campaign has been a continuous string of bad behavior and utter idiocy – not a great mix. While a portion of GOP voters stress over what they see happening to intelligent and rational discourse in the process, a sizable chunk of them, mostly kept in the shadows by a society that frowns on first cousin marriage and people who shout back at the screen in movie theaters, have found their champion.

Coincidentally, they may not be his biggest fans. As many have pointed out, Trump is the best gift the Democrats have ever received. Because of the Trump factor, Democrats are poised to take back seats in the House and Senate, if not regain the majority and the White House, all because of Trump’s candidacy.

From CNN:

More Latino immigrants are becoming citizens, there is an expanded battlefield of competitive races and polls are showing women and other key voting blocs tilting away from the GOP following a series of controversial remarks by Donald Trump.

The gilded toad’s latest dumb statement was that there should be some form of “punishment” for women who receive abortions, which he later walked back by saying the punishment should be for the doctors who perform abortions. All this was to be in the event that abortion was outlawed, but even with that qualifier, it did not play well in the media.

Democrats are salivating at the thought of a Trump candidacy. He has given life to every vulgar caricature of Republicans that they’ve pushed for years. The attack ads write themselves, and the opportunity to link Trump’s foul stench to other Republicans has been laid out before them.


From the same CNN article, we see how it is already unfolding:

Former Democratic Rep. Pete Gallego is running to win back the Texas border-area district he lost to GOP Rep. Will Hurd in 2014. In an interview with CNN, he took a shot at Hurd for not strongly denouncing the billionaire mogul for remarks about immigrants and his plan to build a wall along the border that he said business owners and ranchers oppose.

“I think he has kind of been cowering in the corner and staying away. For me, I think the issue isn’t Mr. Trump. For me, the issue is if I’m your advocate, if I’m your representative, my job is to stand up for you and talk about you and defend you,” Gallego said.

To women and minorities, any bridge building that may have been attempted over the last decade has all been for naught. Trump and his fiendish followers have set fire to those bridges, cheering as they burn.

The hobbled thought process of the Trumpidians seems to be that they can do it all on their own. The believe that they hold the power, and that Trump will be their bold leader, charging the gates of the GOP establishment and wresting control of the entire political system from the hands of the corrupt politicians, firing his enemies, rewarding his friends, and setting up a new, utopian government system that benefits the few faithful, of which they are a part.

They decry big government, all while threatening to destroy anyone and anything that stands in the way of their getting a big government leader in charge, to ensure the government has a larger role in how things are run.


I think there have been governments like that before. None of them have been of a benefit to the citizens.

This is the image that Trump and his nasty minions project to the world, and the Democrats will use it to their advantage. After 8 years of Obama, it would take a lot to make the Democrats look like sympathetic figures, and for a candidate as weak and corrupt as Hillary Clinton to seem like the reasonable choice, but Trump is pulling it off.

If Trump is the nominee, be prepared to lose, and lose big.

If Trump is the nominee, the GOP deserves to lose.


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