Fox News' Scramble to Save WI For Trump

They can’t help themselves.

In another blatant act of Goebbels-esque propaganda pushing, Fox News is now offering Donald Trump his own, personal, one-hour town hall special.


Greta Van Susteren, once a respected lawyer, but now apparently just another media hack playing toadie to the Traveling Trump Freak Show, will host the event, two days before the important Wisconsin primary.

According to an official press release:

Taking place in front of a live audience, the town hall will feature questions for Trump from both Van Susteren and Wisconsin voters before they cast their votes on Tuesday. As the 33rd state to hold a primary or caucus this cycle, Wisconsin will play an important role in the presidential contest as 42 delegates are up for grabs.

Forgive me if I’ve missed it, but has Fox News offered any of the other candidates their own, private town hall event days before a primary?

With Trump going upside down in the polls in Wisconsin, it would seem his old pal and Fox News president, Roger Ailes, is tossing him a bone.


Do you still think the media is not trying to pick our candidate for us, and do you think they’re doing all this with our best interest at heart?

Quite simply, no. It seems that “fair and balanced” has left the building, to be replaced by “biased and self-serving.”

This is nothing short of despicable. I pray that when this is all over, the American people don’t readily forget Fox News’ complicity in driving our nation into chaos, for the sake of their ratings.

They deserve nothing short of the ruin that they hope to force on us.


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