New Innovation in Concealed Carry

Attendees look over a pistol display at the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Friday, April 25, 2014 in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

File this one under, “I Need This in My Life.”

Second Amendment stalwarts and concealed carry advocates everywhere have a new addition to their Christmas list.

Ideal Conceal is a double barreled .380 caliber handgun, constructed to look like a cell phone. The list price is $395 and it is expected to be ready by October 2016.


The creator of Ideal Conceal is Kirk Kjellberg, and he’s already had more than 4,000 interested gun enthusiasts come forward.

Some question the safety of a firearm made to look like a harmless cell phone, especially around curious kids. From

“In America, we have lots of children in contact with pistols already,” Kjellberg explained to NBC News. “For me, it’s not the gun. It’s the people. So if you have a pistol and you have children anywhere near you, it’s your responsibility to lock that stuff up and keep it away from children.”

News of this innovative piece of weaponry has also reached the Department of Homeland Security. Kjellberg is set to provide them with x-rays of the gun, in order to help airport screeners determine the difference between the gun and an actual cell phone.

The idea of a handgun that folds to mimic a cell phone is brilliant in its simplicity. For those who have a healthy appreciation of guns, it will garner a lot of attention early, and if it proves to be relatively light to handle, accurate, and has a smooth pull to the trigger, it will catch on fast. If it’s a clunker, it will likely go the way of the pet rock.


For those squeamish about our second Amendment rights, nothing will quell their distress over yet, another firearm on the market. And the NRA is still the very bed of Satan.


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