Donald Trump Solves Terrorism


Trump has a solution to terrorism. You can bet it’s the best solution to terrorism, ever. Frankly, you would be amazed at how great his solution to terrorism is.


But you don’t get to hear it.

As with everything concerning the gilded toad, it’s all a “negotiation,” where any serious or involved talk of policy is predicated upon his winning the GOP nomination. He would hold the US people hostage to his whims, only willing to give if he gets, first.

He insults Hillary Clinton as a candidate, while promising something better, then fails to offer up what that something better could mean. I’m far from an advocate for the Clinton Crime Family, but before I put my trust in one of their associates, simply because he’s got an “R” beside his name, I need more proof that he’s worthy of that trust.

Given that those things Trump has revealed are largely incoherent and potentially disastrous, there may be a reason he’s refusing to talk about his solution to terrorism now.



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