Who Said the ChiComs Don’t Have a Sense of Humor?

Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

There was a headline yesterday in one of the ChiComs’ state-run media outlets, People’s Daily, that really made me laugh out loud: “Xi says countries should bear in mind shared interests of mankind and make responsible, wise choices.” That must have been a bad attempt at satire by the president of Communist China because surely he knows better. The agit-prop article explained further:

“China calls on all countries in Asia and beyond to answer the call of the times, defeat the COVID-19 pandemic through solidarity, strengthen global governance, and keep pursuing a community with a shared future for mankind,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping in a keynote speech delivered via video link at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 on April 20.

“While we live in an age rife with challenges, it is also an age full of hope,” Xi said, noting that the combined forces of changes and a pandemic both unseen in a century have brought the world into a phase of fluidity and transformation and that instability and uncertainty are clearly on the rise.

He’s kidding, right? This must have been some kind of ChiCom slap-stick routine for the Conference attendees. Did they get the joke? Maybe not, but they all got the virus courtesy of Xi’s henchmen, as well as the bill for defective ChiCom masks and inefficient vaccines.

With the ChiComs – as with all Communists and also wannabe Communists like the Democrat Party – one needs to parse their words VERY carefully and translate certain words into what the Communists/Democrats really mean them to be. For example, take the word “competition”, which is what the ChiComs supposedly really, really support, as noted in state-run China Daily here. Except that what the ChiComs mean by the word competition is this: “We are free to use any means available to us, including military and economic espionage, predatory trade practices, opaque financial reporting, and violation of international norms when it suits us, in order to ‘compete’ and win at all costs, and we are thankful that you blithely accept the Merriam dictionary definition of the word, which makes our winning so much easier to accomplish.”

Let us now decipher Xi’s admonition to make “responsible and wise choices”:

  1. “…answer the call of the times, defeat the COVID-19 pandemic through solidarity…” Yeah, how did “solidarity” work for the rest of the world when the ChiComs sat on early information about their virus for months? They were cynically and criminally irresponsible in withholding that information from foreign medical authorities (e.g., we still don’t know who Patient Zero was), but we’re supposed to believe Xi’s call for “solidarity” is somehow genuine over a year into the “pandemic”?
  2. “…strengthen global governance…” Hmmm. Does that include following the lead of UN-related organizations like the World Health Organization, which the ChiComs have corrupted to deflect from Communist China’s culpability for the virus? Or does that mean the ChiComs are all in on the New World Order and the accompanying “Great Reset” being pushed by Davos elites at the World Economic Forum? That’s a hard “no” from me.
  3. “…pursuing a community with a shared future for mankind…” This flowery phrase means a shared future according to the CCP vision, i.e., Communist China’s leadership of an authoritarian capitalist remake of the world order, with the ChiComs the center of the world’s production and the rest of us kowtowing to Beijing for all time.
  4. “…an age rife with challenges…” Reminds me of the Democrats’ “not letting a crisis go to waste.” Funny how the biggest challenge ongoing is economic recovery from lockdowns as a result of the ChiCom virus, as well as a regaining of individual freedoms lost through arbitrary authoritarian government actions everywhere.
  5. “…an age full of hope…” Yes, the ChiComs are indeed hopeful that the rest of the world continues to focus on their own problems while Beijing continues its march toward world hegemony and dominance.
  6. “…brought the world into a phase of fluidity and transformation and that instability and uncertainty are clearly on the rise…” Just as the ChiComs (and globalists) have planned! The more orchestrated instability through open borders in Europe and the US, the more economic and political chaos – all good for the ChiComs. The longer the economic lockdowns, the better for the ChiCom production and export market.

If only one could administer a little truth serum to Xi Jinping before these and other of his periodic public statements! Now THAT would be funny.

I wonder if Xi has even the tiniest twinge of embarrassment when he gives these speeches. Someone at that conference should have replied, “You mean wise and responsible choices like withholding Wuhan virus-related information from the rest of the world and making bank on defective PPE and vaccines through ‘Chinese philanthropy’ (an oxymoron)?”

You would have been able to hear a pin drop.

The end.


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