Time to Take out the Trash: Conspiracy-Mongers and RINOs

Time to Take out the Trash: Conspiracy-Mongers and RINOs
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Now that the execrable US political class has gifted the country with The Hologram (the first truly illegitimate president), the US Supreme Court has determined that it is unimportant for the evidence of election “irregularities” associated with multiple lawsuits to actually be examined and verified in courts of law, and the 4th of March has passed quietly without the “magic” return of Donald Trump to the Oval Office (as predicted by various conspiracy-mongers), it is time to sweep out the trash. And there is a lot of it!

By the way, any ire at Democrats over the election also needs to be directed at the flip-side of the Uniparty coin, too. At the top of the list is Mitch McConnell, the ingrate who has turned on a dime to accuse President Trump of “provoking the riot” on 6 January. Never mind that the storming of Capitol Hill was a planned event, parts of which were captured by a freelance CNN journalist who was collaborating with an Antifa activist. It was a convenient – planned – excuse to avoid any debate on the evidence of massive election fraud during the joint session of Congress. And everyone in that session who voted to “certify” that controversial election is complicit in the steal, especially including the “Republicans.” Those who deny the “irregularities” are bald-faced liars (refer to this, this, this, and this if you need convincing). They are some trash who deserve to be swept out as soon as feasible.

Then there are the 10 “Republican” House members who voted to impeach President Trump in the Democrats’ rush to judgment before any investigation into the Capitol Hill riot was completed. Never mind that the President was still addressing his supporters on 6 January when the planned break-in commenced. Nevertheless, those 10 (and every. single. Democrat!) voted to impeach the President without a single shred of evidence proving that he “incited insurrection.” Of course, their lackeys in the media immediately suppressed the President’s speech, which contained this important sentence that completely debunked their single article of impeachment:

I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard

And to think the disgraceful Liz Cheney (R-WY) voted with the ten to impeach the President. Deep State we much, Liz? Talk about an elected politician not voting the will of her constituents (one of the most important tells of a RINO)! Thankfully, Wyoming’s Carbon County Republican Party voted UNANIMOUSLY in short order to censure Cheney. The Wyoming Republican Party censured her on 6 February. Now Wyoming voters need to finish up by sweeping out the trash in 2022. That might actually happen, as a recent poll in Wyoming reported by Breitbart here exposed her sinking support numbers:

Only 10 percent of GOP voters, and 13 percent of all voters, say they would vote to reelect her, and she trails by more than 30 points—54 percent to 21 percent—against state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, who has announced a campaign against her since her impeachment vote.

How about the six “Republicans” who voted with the Democrats in claiming that the Senate impeachment farce was “constitutional”? Or Nikki Haley, who once and for all clarified the long-held suspicions that she is indeed a NeverTrumper with this recent declaration: “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.” These people need to be retired from public life and never seen or heard from again. All of the above need to be swept out with the rest of the trash.

Speaking of trash, America is filled with it, and the rest of this article is devoted to the Pied Pipers, kooks, and conspiracy theorists who led many Americans astray over the past couple of years. Virtually all of the key conspiracy dates during which “seismic” geopolitical events were supposed to have happened to “flip the election outcome” have come and gone with none of the predictions coming to pass: election lawsuits were supposed to “overturn” Electoral College slates by “mid-December” (the Texas lawsuit et al), Republican state legislatures in several swing states would submit slates of Trump EC votes to replace the fraudulent Biden votes after holding hearings and before 6 January, the joint session of Congress would not certify Biden on 6 January, “the military” was going to step in prior to 20 January and ensure President Trump was inaugurated, the National Guard and razor wire in DC were put in place by President Trump’s team to ensure Biden wasn’t going to be inaugurated, SCOTUS would agree to hear the multiple election fraud lawsuits filed in several states, and “the military” was going to reinstall Donald Trump as president on 4 March. The can has now been kicked down the road by some rumor mongers to the Ides of March and Fourth of July now that the impeachment farce has run its course and SCOTUS has ruled against hearing the election fraud lawsuits, and nothing that was feverishly predicted for weeks and months has occurred. Why waste another second on the conspiracy theorists when there’s real work to be done?

It is human nature that people tend to be generally optimistic and willing to believe narratives that comport with that optimism and their general worldview of right-versus-wrong. There was a cottage industry of voices that sprang up from the very beginning of the Trump administration to exploit – and misdirect – Trump supporters and others with misinformation and misdirection. Whether well-intentioned or not, the result of the various conspiracy-mongers was the same: a conveyance that there was a “grand plan” behind President Trump’s efforts to fulfill his various promises to clean out Washington corruption, hold people accountable for their crimes, and “drain the swamp.”

In retrospect, President Trump’s accomplishments were Herculean, given the near-total resistance by the Uniparty, legacy media, academia, federal bureaucracy, Hollywood, and even his own appointees in some cases (!) – literally EVERYONE except a handful of supporters in Congress, in the Executive Branch, and in the conservative/independent media. Yet, how much more could have been accomplished had many of his supporters not been persuaded by the kooks that the President and his inner circle (and “the patriots”) had already gamed everything out and were executing a grand plan and sting operation that would literally sweep up all of the crooks in one fell swoop (the corrupt Obama DoJ/FBI/CIA, Hillary Clinton, Obama himself, the Bidens, the Democrat election fraudsters, etc.)?

What more could have been accomplished had real and continuous pressure been placed on Congress by Trump supporters from the very beginning, as opposed to many having been convinced that “everything was going according to plan” and no direct involvement by average citizens was needed? The lesson-learned is what Ben Franklin admonished over 230 years ago. We cannot cede the safekeeping of our constitutional Republic to others; the burden falls on all of us – every single citizen. Here is some trash that needs to be swept out (in no particular order):

Simon Parkes. A Brit conspiracist (one of several) whose blog posts/videos range from “Police Operation at Frankfurt Airport” to “Trump Doesn’t Intend to Leave Office.” He has a considerable following of wishful thinkers, but then most people missed his claims about himself on his own website: About | Simon Parkes. Recently, he revised that link to shrink his expansive “alien encounter claims” to this sentence: “During this period and before and after Simon had ufo experiences him self [sic].” I wonder why? Pity the people who subscribed/donated to him online, and then take out the trash.

MonkeyWerx. A guy with a YouTube channel distracting people with sensationalism like supposedly tracking CIA rendition flights to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, (bringing a bunch of people secretly indicted down for “military tribunals,” another favorite conspiracy theory), as interviewed on yet another kook network Brighteon.com. Please. Lots of these people claim to have first or second-hand connections to “people in the Trump administration,” especially in DoD and the intelligence community. These sources are never named, which should be a red flag to everyone after having been exposed to the lies of the legacy media over the past four years, who used “unnamed sources” to spin dozens of false narratives against President Trump. Take out the trash!

Q. Probably should have listed this guy first, as “he” figures prominently in “informing” (that is, misleading) many other conspiracy theorists who have their own interpretations of his cryptic and clipped mumbo-jumbo. As the King of Complacency, this guy (or “the collective”) may have been the originator of “The Plan” garbage. He wove an intricate collection of mis-truths, half-truths, and lies together into a grandiose claim that a group of patriots had carefully planned an operation to take down the Uniparty and Deep State while sucking in an incredible number of true believers (more like a cult), some of whom are faithful unto his predictions even today. When comes the Revolution, baby? Wake the Hell up! By the way, as this article points out, the Q phenomenon bears a striking resemblance to the Bolsheviks’ “Operation Trust” in the 1920s:

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

Could Q be a wholly-owned franchise of the ChiCom’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) or the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)? Both would have much to gain in a “legitimized” Biden-Harris regime. Take out the Q trash!

X22 Report. Dave Nazipsode at X22 Report is one smooth-talker! After listening to just one of his Political – Geopolitical reports, a person is almost convinced that he knows what he’s talking about. Listening to his silken voice is anesthetizing over time. But when he refers to 2-year-old Q posts as if tracking today’s events, you just know something isn’t right. A posting a few weeks ago entitled, “The Shot Heard Round the World, D5, 11.3 End of Occupation,” is a cleverly woven fabrication of official documents and old Q reports proclaiming that “The Storm” (a favorite Q-ism) will hit “any day now.” That post garnered over 425,000 views! Damn, I’m glad I wasn’t a paid subscriber. More trash with which to dispense.

Praying Medic. Twitter was home to a number of Q fanatics over the past couple of years. One of them, who also has a website, is “Praying Medic” (account since suspended by the fascists at Twitter), who has published two books on Q (!). Note that their cult followers are very emotional in defending all things Q. The Q folks also have their own echo chamber similar to the legacy media. For example, Dave Hayes (Praying Medic) was interviewed a few weeks ago on the X22 Report. Birds of a feather…. How’s that working out now, Dave (squared)? Everything Q is fake and intended to engender complacency in Trump supporters. Take out the trash.

The Quodverum Gang. Then there is the insular crowd at Twitter knock-off Quodverum, who “toot” instead of “tweet.” The main draw there includes the arrogant proprietor Saul Montes-Bradley II, “Thomas Wictor,” and “Imperator Rex,” all of whom were suspended by Twitter (not necessarily a bad thing, but who are big “Plan fans” who brook no dissent in that regard). Their collective insistence that The Plan is still operative, and that those of us who don’t see or understand or doubt it are imbeciles, has passed the sell-by date. Throw out the trash.

The Do-Gooders. There are four people in this group: Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne, and Mike Lindell. I group these four together because, while they may have intended to raise public awareness about “election irregularities,” the result of their actions has amounted to classic misdirection. The warm-and-fuzzy feeling evinced from their claims that proving the election fraud was a slam dunk – and by implication, that President Trump would rightfully get his second term – has simply not been proven. Powell gained notoriety (and cult-like blind support) as LTG Flynn’s attorney and seemed more interested in public appearances and interviews on TV and podcasts than in delivering on her claims and legal filings in various states. How’d “that Kraken thang” work out again (other than instilling false confidence in Trump supporters)? Her latest gambit from a Telegram post after SCOTUS refused to review any election fraud lawsuits: “Irrefutable proof is coming soon…Our new SuperPAC should be up tomorrow.” [Grift we much? The only PAC to which I will donate is President Trump’s!] As for big Democrat contributor Lin Wood, he seemed to spend all of his time tweeting on Twitter while making increasingly outlandish claims (e.g., Jeffrey Epstein is alive, Mike Pence faces arrest for treason, etc.). In a post on 10 February, he finally admitted the following: “I have had a few misfires in the past when I relied on what seemed to me to be credible information of impending EBS activation and the need to be prepared to ‘hunker down’ safely for 2 weeks or so…. I will continue to try my imperfect best to inform you of what I believe is credible information on relevant issues, but I claim no ‘insider’ knowledge of ‘the plan.’” In other words, his sources are the same charlatans as everyone else’s! By the way, all nine SCOTUS justices rejected all of the lawsuits brought forth by Powell and Wood.

As for Byrne and Lindell, both have been all over the podcast and YouTube world with sensational interviews and commentary (e.g., here and here) claiming massive election fraud, and that President Trump was going to “lower the boom” on the Democrats and Deep State as a result. None of their claims have been proven conclusively in a court of law, no boom has been lowered, and no concrete actions have resulted from their claims other than raised awareness that something wasn’t quite right during the 2020 elections. Were/are they sincere? Quite possibly, but then all of the above conspiracists were also “sincere” for their own reasons, too. In one of Byrne’s recent out-takes, he claims that Biden won a “constitutional victory,” and that Trump “failed.” He also said that we shouldn’t put our faith in one man. And while Lindell’s vaunted “Absolute Proof” video is compelling, the most sensational part – Mary Fanning’s discussion of remote access to Dominion machines by foreigners (complete with IP addresses) – is from an unverified source. Maybe something more substantial will be forthcoming during discovery associated with Dominion Systems’ $1.5B lawsuit against him, but that won’t do anyone any good for months (if ever).

Finally, this take from the Claremont Review of Books mirrors my own thinking regarding the last four individuals cited above:

Many were credible people with admirable records, but little (if any) experience litigating disputed elections, much less presidential elections in several states at once. Several of them undermined their reputations, if not their prior accomplishments, through the advancement of extraordinary claims. The president seemed at times to egg them on, at other times to ignore them, and at still others to repudiate them. But extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, of which none was provided. This had two predictable, unhelpful, and contrary effects: raising expectations among his base, while persuading anyone hitherto uncertain that any and all allegations of fraud were “baseless” conspiracy theory hogwash.

Well-intentioned or not, their efforts were ineffective at best and misdirection at worst – maybe useful for the purposes of public education about election fraud over the long haul, but a distraction when citizens in swing states would have been better served taking direct action in their state capitols than believing that everything was in hand from such as these. They are in the next batch of trash to take out after their utility in educating the public on “election irregularities” has expired.

Conclusion. The above is just a starter list; there are others who could easily be added (Bo Polny, Charlie Ward, Tom Numbers (Bushnell), Ann Vandersteel, etc.). Suffice it to say that we have all fooled ourselves into believing that a “Plan” was being executed that would achieve what we all hoped it would: destruction of the Deep State/Swamp, jail-time for Obama regime criminals exposed over the last four years, a return to the rule of law and equal justice under the law for all Americans, and continuity of US policy with a restoration of Donald Trump to the Oval Office.

Because these people all preached that end result, they were easy for many folks to believe – and become cult members, for all practical purposes. The end result was a ratcheting down of the anger and support that would have otherwise been directed constantly on the political class to force them toward those same objectives. While I never bought into the Q nonsense, the message resonated with me to a degree, too, because the end objectives were exactly what I hoped President Trump would accomplish (albeit many bridges too far, as we now know). That said, I have never advocated sitting on one’s hands and doing nothing. Quite the contrary.

The lesson learned is that we must never be sucked into complacency as preached by ANYONE, as that path is exactly what the Uniparty/Deep State/globalists wish us to trod. These people want us all to be complacent and unconcerned while they work diligently behind the scenes to achieve their evil ends. Ben Franklin charged us as American citizens to take continual corrective actions in our government if we wanted to keep our constitutional Republic, not sit on our hands and “trust the plan.” Time to take out the trash bigly and get to work.

The end.

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