How to Break Through the Media Fog on the Massive Election Fraud

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Direct evidence of massive election fraud in swing states during the 2020 election is widely known and understood by Americans who obtain their information from independent and conservative media. Those who only pay attention to legacy media sources, and most members of the political class, are almost completely unaware of that fraud and/or have swallowed the Democrat-media narrative that the fraud was insufficient to have changed the outcome of the election.

One person who has done yeoman’s work in getting the word out to as many Americans as possible is lawyer Sidney Powell. In addition to filing election fraud-related lawsuits in several states, she has given countless interviews on network news programs and various independent podcasts over the last nine weeks. One of those was an interview by Todd Herman given on 29 December on the Eric Metaxas radio show. Metaxas/Herman refer to it as her “elevator pitch” on election fraud to the US Supreme Court.

After watching that interview, a friend of mine, a Reaganite in the national security field, provided some detailed commentary identifying the key challenge as one of getting the facts and their implications past the legacy media’s iron curtain of silence. He proposes a concrete plan for breaking through, and the imperatives for getting the facts and their dangerous implications directly to the American people in the proper authoritative context. He writes under the nom de plume of “Archilochos,” the 7th BC Greek poet whose most iconic surviving fragment is a poem with this bracing reminder: “Courage exposes ambushes. Steadfastness destroys enemies.”  Our modern-day Archilochos offers this commentary to President Trump’s team in that spirit:

The Problem. The problem, or the proximate problem, of breaking through the media fog on the election fraud – is not the Facts (and improbabilities, impossibilities, unprecedented correlations, anomalies vs. historical norms, etc.). These are overwhelming and compelling. The problem is that the credibility and narrative of Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and the larger effort has been targeted and grievously eroded by the Democrats, their media allies, and some Republican, precisely to suppress and distort the facts. Additional to ad hominem attacks, the recurrent distortions include:

  • Hailing several state and district court rejections, of lawsuits filed on behalf of President Trump, state legislatures, and his record ~75m official voters (but not mentioning dismissals were on technical grounds, often by Democrat or Obama judges; and that evidence and affiant witnesses were not heard, much less debunked).
  • Also hailed are Georgia’s kabuki recounted (but not mentioning the fact that ballots being recounted were themselves replete with illegalities – unattached, unverifiable, underage, out of state, and otherwise illegal ballots as noted here, here, and here).
  • AG Barr’s misquoted statement about insufficient evidence of widespread election fraud (ignoring DOJs’ walk-back about context); and the premature announcement by DHS-CISA director Krebs, that there was no widespread election fraud, and moreover, that the election was “the safest in our history.” For this he was lionized by the media, given a slug on 60 Minutes, and his statement was embedded in YouTube’s header (but not mentioning his partnership with Dominion, and that his agency utterly failed its mission to protect us from the massive unprecedented cyber hack across US security agencies and industry, started last March, and ongoing. He was fired at least 10 months too late!)

These and many more such cases have successfully been used by the legacy, media, the RINO leadership in the US Senate, and the Democrats everywhere to lock the narrative, and paint any dissenters and Trump plaintiffs as daft for wanting to ‘overturn’ a deeply flawed election. Continuing censorship (by omission and by closing people down on social media) keeps Americans in the dark, which, as Bezos’s Washington Post declaims, is where “Democracy Dies.” Its purpose is to hide the facts from the American people, as they were able to do in regard to the Hunter Biden laptop and Biden family China corruption in the run-up to Election Day. And very successfully, as reported here:

A new post-election poll from the Media Research Center, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, shows 36 percent of Biden voters were NOT aware of the evidence linking Joe Biden to corrupt financial dealings with China through his son Hunter. Thirteen percent of these voters (or 4.6% of Biden’s total vote) say that had they known these facts, they would not have voted for the former Vice President.

And so it is, that Americans hear endless loops of “charges of fraud are baseless; Biden is our President” – a manic “monolithic narrative …uncompromising… primal scream,” as described here by Roger Kimball – across the legacy media, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media. ‘It’s time to move on, come together, do the people’s business.’ etc. This is the Biden-Harris presumption of unquestioned entitlement and inevitable investiture. It’s also on display in the conspicuous use of the ersatz “Office of the President Elect” (an Obama invention, minus the Greek pillars). Their urgent insistence on the approved liturgical narrative in reality reflects the insecurity of illegitimacy and their fear of being exposed. So does Biden’s blithe dismissal of any suggestion that son Hunter might have done anything wrong, unethical, or more deeply problematical and compromising in his manic retailing of the Biden name (and access to the “Big Man (or the Chairman!)) to criminal Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese oligarchs, and “spy chiefs.”

Not one crack can be allowed, lest the whole invisibility shield fall, like the toga of some doddering late Roman emperor, revealing the ugly scene. It  says it all about how they will govern/rule if they succeed in their heist.

The most reliably good media coverage comes from Epoch Times/New Tang Dynasty (NTD) television (whose relative obscurity s hobbling; both have been attacked lately by various legacy media). The only other place to find Atlanta ballot suitcases video, or NY/PA postal truck driver Amistad Project video, and the various technical experts who have exposed the fraud, is OAN, Newsmax, or conservative and independent blogs. And not enough Americans partake of that rich informational fare, to our collective detriment! All of this assures the McConnell-Sasse’s, LuntzRove-Toomey’s, FOXbat-Ruperts, NationalReviewMcCarthy’s, and the WestWing Cipollone’s of the world that the Trump rabble, and the rants and rage about the election fraud, are all marginal and can be ignored. ‘It’s winter, the marchers and clingers will tire, and leave town, but they’d never leave the GOP!’ Such is the hubris. The GOP establishment assumes they can squash Trumpsters as they did the Tea Party, and get back to making deals with Democrats, social media and tech barons, the Chinese, and whomever else, after January 20th – even if the GOP Senate finds itself in the minority. It will be like Trump never happened. It will also be like the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Electoral College, SCOTUS, and so much more, never happened. They think it’s just about Trump because they think it’s just about them! They’re wrong.

What is to be Done? What is desperately needed: A serious person, seen as sober and “above the fray” (a Michael Mukasey, Ken Starr, or Ted Olson-type figure, or possibly the Acting Attorney General or his Deputy), is needed to do what AG Barr should have done: present the facts and the context below, using DoJ, the White House, or the U.S. Senate as a venue. A 30-minute presser, dignified and certain. No Q&A – speak with command of the facts and the room, and then leave the stunned in silence. Here is what must be included:

  1. Lay out directly to the American people, with concision and clarity, the main facts: e.g., voter roll imbalances in Blue City precincts, exceeding total population; 144-288k missing mail truck ballots; illegally destroyed vote data and missing chain of custody proof; out of state, underage, duplicate, and otherwise ineligible voters; machines connected to the Internet; unprecedented massive injection of ~$500,000,000 in private funds to pay highly-selected poll workers of, and for, one political party (in an opaque manner). Include reference to the precise number of sworn affidavits from technical, legal, and forensic experts, eye-witnesses, and election officials. This probably is best done using a few broad headings, and then 1-2 egregious and factually-established examples under each (the rest to be referenced as being contained in the available charging/documentation).
  2. Lay out the federal charges attaching to each, referencing the sentences, fines, etc. To the extent that there are concomitant state charges, allude to the fact. To the extent there is predicate/reasonable suspicion of a conspiracy, so indicate (RICO, or otherwise; sedition). To the extent there is reasonable suspicion/evidence of foreign influence (whether related to any conspiracy, or otherwise), so state. Have Director of National Intelligence present on stage and speaking when appropriate.
  3. Briefly outline the Constitutional issues. Mainly, for this public purpose/announcement, these include: The plenary role of the state legislatures to set the laws regarding elections; the role of Congress in making the relevant determinations regarding electors; and constitutional protections under the Equal protection clause. Only/only after these fact- and law-based issues are explained, there should be a brief hortatory and lofty statement regarding the principles and dangers that are at issue, including:
  • Reprise the critical sanctity of the vote and the vital need in our democratic constitutional Republic for citizens to have complete faith in the process and outcome, and in the fairness of the law and its administration, and the courts. It is a defining trait of our national existence. Note the several polls showing that a majority do not have such faith. Some ~70-80% of Republicans, 30% of Democrats, and around 50% of Independents amounting to nearly half of the country think the election was rigged and in favor of Biden; this is a material harm. Never have we faced such a situation. (Gore v. Bush was 1 county in 1 state.)
  • Acting today is burdened with costs, but the costs of doing nothing are unacceptably high and will rapidly multiply beyond normal remedy in short order. Hence, immediate action is required. Being agnostic or indifferent as to the law, and specifically to the violations implicated in the several states, does not equate to fairness or to equal protection and justice under the law. Nor is it, under our Constitution, the role of the courts, or of the nation’s top law enforcement official (ultimately the President) to be indifferent to the law. Rather, it is to enforce the Constitution and laws impartially and swiftly and to thereby uphold the integrity of, and respect for, the law.
  • Actions taken by state and local officials to establish new election rules, procedures, timelines, verification standards, and the like­­ (or to refuse to enforce selected laws), however arbitrarily or considered­­­­­­­­ – which actions have the intent, or the effect, of circumventing the laws enacted  by the state legislatures, and their assigned sole plenary authority in this regard under the U.S. Constitution – cannot be allowed, by practice, prevalence, administrative or judicial fiat, nor by consent or acclaim, to substitute, as by stealth, for the writ and will of the legislatures.
  • To allow such a practice to now establish itself, as if constituting imagined new precedent and fact, and, being more, to then be perceived as fact – or be, by force of this very same political fiat, given legal dressing (g., after the Democrats have gotten rid of the Senate filibuster, added two states to the Union, packed the Supreme Court, changed the way states vote, and gotten rid of the Electoral College) – would do grievous harm to the Constitution, to the rights of the several states thereunder in respect to their election law prerogatives, and to the people of the United States.
  • Such fundamental alterations of our constitutional order and national life were nowhere raised in either major Party’s platform, ballot, or referenda, nor were they proposed for submission to the constitutionally established process for considering and acting on Amendments, at any time during this election cycle. In fact, when questions arose about altering the Supreme Court, or adding states, there were dodges and deferrals. To suddenly discover such changes seeded through the miasma of a most contested election outcome is unacceptable.

That is the essence of the statement. Separately and in parallel, serious, experienced people must immediately begin preparing a coordinated strategic media and political action plan to match the legal process. Control the message against distortion. Have talking points distributed; schedule interviews with surrogates, coalition and campaign groups, Constitutional and legal experts, etc. Ads, rallies, polls, and the usual gamut of activities, including lawfare, must all be appropriately developed, managed, and funded. Create an opposition research & response war room to anticipate, monitor, and counter in real-time the Left/Democrat/legacy media spin. Expect provocations and Antifa/BLM street eruptions, Resistance throughout the government as had been planned in the event of a Biden loss. Take decisive counter action when and where needed. And get it all going IMMEDIATELY!

Summary and Conclusion. This whole Left/Democrat piracy of our election process – the stealth election pre-rigging by lawfare, consent decree, Covid-exigency, and hundreds of millions in targeted dark money to election workers and bosses; the election-day fraud in all its varieties – old and new, paper and electron; and the cover-up, obstruction, fact suppression, and totalitarian narrative control by the states, DoJ/FBI, the intelligence community, the establishment GOP, the DNC, and the legacy and social media cannot be allowed to stand. The fact that the DNC, Marc Elias/Perkins Coie, Stacey Abrams, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest got away with it via planning, money, the Covid misdirection, Republican ineptitude and complicity — and all manner of legal and procedural fig-leaf does not make it legal, precedential, or otherwise acceptable. It’s what the signs say: a steal. Call it one. But be clear it’s much more: it’s a coup enroute to a Revolution that they’d rather do as a quiet drive- thru than at the barricades. We can’t let that happen.

Votes are not a ‘finders-keepers’ quantity; ill-gotten gains must be restored. The Constitution is not an inconvenient “elephant in the room” to be danced around, much less to hide behind in the very effort to violate it. That is the Marc Elias/William Kunstler, Stacey Abrams/Barack Obama and George Soros et al view of the law: widen it to create  new space within which one can more safely/stealthily act to subvert it, and overthrow the system! This view is behind Soros’ Secretary of State Project and his local district attorneys/states attorneys project, among other efforts to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law. Their model is working and will do even more damage if not rooted out now!

It is farcical and grossly irresponsible to pretend that it is not what it plainly is – to wax that this is all legal, legitimate, well within the spirit and the letter of the laws, and reversible “next time.” Or, like the  perfidious Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Ben Sasse, and Frank Luntz, and the Lincoln Project’s traitorous grifters, to imagine that it’s only about Trump, and fades with him. It’s as ridiculous as pretending that Facebook, YouTube, and Google are not publishers (“editorial content providers”) while they’re the major medium and influencers for news, opinion, and political speech/action (70% of the information sources for under 35’s), and at the same time are the leading censors of same – under the false flag of “community standards” and the ever-Orwellian “Terms of service” which serve as their virtual Stasi. This is not to mention their data collection dominance, including their “right” to access your entire computer, phone, TV, or other connected/internet-of-things (IOT) devices, i.e., your life. So much for “emanations and penumbrae” in the Constitution affording petri dish privacies. Imagine these tech Barons in the Government – because they do, and they are about to be put on steroids.

The fact that these two forces – one manipulating our election process in order to subvert our Constitution, and one manipulating information and expression in order to subvert our First Amendment rights, upon which all else depends – are in synch, simpatico, and symbiotic, if not yet wholly one (helping each other obstruct inquiry, and otherwise enabling each other) – constitutes a most deadly reality and a clear and present danger. We have to see this binary weapon for what it is.

George Orwell warned us: “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” So did Aldous Huxley, with his “ultimate revolution, an oligarchical domination administered by a scientific and expert elite: indoctrinated helplessness.” 1984 and Brave New World are the Left/Democrats’ manuals, along with screeds from Marcuse, Alinsky, Cloward, and Piven.

This is about our Constitutional order and liberty, and its enemies’ relentless surge toward absolute power. We’d be fools to think this can’t happen here, and that it is not happening now. This is not a situation to be discussed in any less serious and elevated regime-level terms (no more “Krakens,” or direct-mail/click-bait pseudo-thought). There is a real conspiracy (cf., Mark Twain, “Conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admit in public”). It’s hiding in plain sight – subversive and imminent in intent. Its means and goals are criminal, de jure and de facto. Their perfidy is actionable. It’s staging for a bigger fire coming. Time is of the essence.

The end.


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