The Ultimate Trumpenfreude

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First, a definition:




pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

The term Trumpenfreude was coined by the ever-wrong New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in 2016. A virulent anti-Trumper, Krugman used to term to predict that Donald Trump’s candidacy “would bring down the Republican Party in ruins.” Trumpenfreude is now defined in the Urban Dictionary as:


Donald Trump gaining pleasure from everyone else’s misfortune

How ironic is it that Krugman became the very first victim of Trumpenfreude, as the Republican Party has been reborn and some 95% of Republicans support the President!

Retired newspaperman and active blogger Don Surber co-opted Krugman’s new word and proceeded to collect over 100 instances of “Trumpenfreude” during the first three years of the Trump Administration. Here are a couple of the more memorable examples:

Murphy Brown.

September 2018: “The New Murphy Brown Was Made to Infuriate Donald Trump.”

November 2018: “Murphy Brown reboot has been canceled after one season.”

Tom Brokaw.

2015: “Legendary newsman Tom Brokaw says he would ‘call in sick’ if he had to cover Donald Trump every night.”

2018: “Tom Brokaw Accused of Sexual Harassment By Former NBC Anchor.”


2017: “Trump Calls BuzzFeed ‘Pile of Garbage,’ Refuses to Take CNN Reporter’s Question at First Press Conference.”

2019: “BuzzFeed to cut 15% of staff in new round of layoffs.”

Hillary Clinton.

2016: “Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning.”

2017: “Hillary, I love you. But please go away.”

2018: “Ticket Prices To See Bill And Hillary Clinton Speak Tank.”

2019: “Now Hillary Clinton’s loss is being blamed on Jon Stewart.”

Bill Cosby.

2011: “Bill Cosby Rips Donald Trump On Today Show.”

2018: “Bill Cosby convicted of drugging and molesting a woman.”


And there are over one hundred more examples here in which Donald Trump got the last laugh on detractors and other naysayers.

Which leads to the ultimate example of Trumpenfreude….

The American Left have created a celebrity culture in the US over the last 60 years. Big screen celebrities were revered during Hollywood’s Golden Age, 1929-1959. Average Americans came to trust the celebrities, who were patriotic and pro-American, for the most part. This began to change as Hollywood moved politically leftward during the McCarthy era and later, to the point that Hollywood celebrity culture – which expanded to include small screen stars, the music industry, writers, and directors – are almost completely taken over by the Left. Most Hollywood donations to political candidates go to the Democrat Party during each election cycle, and most prominent Hollywood celebrities endorse Democrat candidates for president every four years. 2020 is no different, as reported here.

A partnership was developed beginning in the 1960s between the Hollywood celebrity culture and the Democrat Party. Hollywood campaign contributions resulted in celebrity access to leading Democrats. Hollywood celebrities were brought in to testify in front of Democrat-run committee hearings on a variety of leftwing issues. Remember Meryl Streep testifying before Congress in June 1989 about the dangers of Alar, a chemical compound sprayed on apples to keep them from falling off trees before they are fully ripened? Expert witness Streep had “studied the issue for four months” before being brought in to testify.


In the end, the Alar scare crippled the apple business, costing growers an estimated $100 million.

“There was never any legitimate scientific study to justify the Alar scare,” food science professor Dr. Joseph D. Rosen later told the New York Times.

One list of other celebrities who have testified before Congress over the years is provided here, including Frank Zappa (opposed labels on music with explicit lyrics), Christopher Reeve (in favor of embryonic stem cell research), Ben Affleck (in support a non-profit organization), Bono (in favor of AIDS research and funding), and Kevin Costner (on clean-up after environmental disasters). At least one of those celebrities was an expert on his subject (Frank Zappa)!

The Democrats leveraged celebrity access and fund-raising to develop “political celebrities” of their own over the years, including the Kennedys, the Clintons, and the Obamas. And Americans ate it all up, thanks to the legacy media. Until the Trump presidency exposed the Hollywood celebrity culture as virulently leftist and heavily infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. The anti-Trump acceptance speeches at Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards presentations infuriated many Americans to the point that viewership declined for those and other such events dramatically in recent years. That decline itself is another instance of Trumpenfreude!

The penultimate Democrat political celebrity was/is Barack Hussein Obama. The media and Hollywood created and protected him from the beginning of his political career through the present day – particularly during the eight long years of his presidency. His personal background was buried and never thoroughly investigated, and his colossal policy failures were covered up. Hundreds of puff pieces and softball interviews conveyed the false notion to Americans that Obama was the perfect celebrity president. With Obama, the Democrats thought they had captured the corner on America’s celebrity culture, which would keep them in political power for generations.


Enter Donald J. Trump – a real celebrity and political outsider. The Democrats never thought that a Republican celebrity would ever emerge and be able to derail the Democrat political juggernaut (the mirage of Obama). Trump defeated the thoroughly unlikeable Hillary Clinton, despite uniform opposition from Hollywood, the media, academia, the Deep State, and the American political class. And they have never accepted the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. Their outrage morphed into four long years of attempts to get rid of the President by any means possible. Despite incredible first-term accomplishments, media reporting of the Trump administration has been uniformly negative. For example, Fox News reported on 27 October that evening news broadcasts are negative about President Trump “92% of the time.”

Who but the willfully blind and anti-Trump could possibly ignore the fact that President Trump is a real celebrity president and backed by millions of people across the political spectrum? His campaign rallies are gigantic and unprecedented for a president seeking reelection, and the attendees include large percentages of Democrats and people who have never voted. And then there are all the gigantic pro-Trump motorized rallies and boat armadas that the media refuse to cover, as mentioned here. People are chomping at the bit to vote for the President, and voter turnout so far is at historical proportions. Only fools in the legacy media can believe that the massive turnout is for the feeble and low-energy Joe Biden and his Marxist sidekick Kamala Harris!


This election will result in the ultimate Trumpenfreude, as the President will be reelected in a landslide that will shock the political class to its core. The victims of this ultimate Trumpenfreude? The Democrat Party and all of their supporters, funders, and hangers-on, who are hoisted on their own contrived celebrity culture petard. President Trump gets the last laugh at their expense.

The end.



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