Giuliani: Joe Biden’s Bribery, Corruption, and RICO

Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer, is on a mission these days to spread the word about Joe Biden’s corruption and criminality, as well as that of Democrats in general. The Democrats and legacy media have ignored the Ukraine-Biden story – and other instances of that corrupt pattern – or else claimed that those examples “have all been debunked.” That is how they are trying to bury the story and prevent Americans from knowing the real truth.


Giuliani was interviewed by Lou Dobbs earlier in the week and expounded on a number of topics, not the least of which was a crystal-clear explanation of the bribery statute and how Joe Biden is guilty of bribery (and much more). Here are some excerpts of the Q&A:

Dobbs: When I first saw this letter … it had 1100 signatures on it … and I said that’s a lot of signatures. But there are 100,000 employees right now working in the Justice Dept.

Giuliani: It’s only a small fraction of the stupid lawyers in Washington. And the ones that have lost any sense of their legal education and have become political hacks.

Dobbs: Where do they get this idiotic idea that the Constitution is being ignored and that the Justice Dept must act independent of the President?

Giuliani: In pursuance of the “moral cause” of removing Trump, there’s no Constitution. I mean does Schiff have a Constitution? He denied the President right to counsel. He subpoenaed me for my attorney-client records. It would have been an outrage [in their leftwing minds] if I were defending a terrorist [and someone asked for attorney-client records]. The NY Times, the Washington Post, CNN … and all these people … they have lost any sense of the Constitution. They do not believe it applies to Donald Trump … to Donald Trump’s lawyers, whether it’s the Attorney General or his personal lawyer. They trash our constitutional rights the way Joe McCarthy did it to Communists, but he didn’t get away with it because Republicans stood up and Ike threw him out. Schiff, Pelosi are the Joe McCarthy’s of today. They are trashing constitutional rights, and the liberals have lost all moral compass.

Dobbs: Moral compass – if they ever had. You mentioned Adam Schiff having disregard for the Constitution. He apparently has no conscience, either. What arises almost to the level of equal concern is their lack of self-awareness of the failure. They tried to impeach him, they tried to carry out a coup, and they continued to persist. That only tells us one thing. They know that there’s no accountability, and that means that Republicans have got to find a new way to fight this madness.

Giuliani: We’re doing it. We’re holding them accountable. For example, Biden has been able to get away with millions and millions of dollars in bribery – oh gosh, at least since the ‘90s. But nobody holds him accountable. There is a Biden pattern in which Biden gets in office, his brother, his other brothers, or his son sell it [his office]. They make millions. Joe says, “I don’t know,” but they live right next door to each other. And now we see somebody going into Joe’s account. The Ukrainians prosecutors are beginning to see money going into Joe’s account. It’s going to turn out that the vice president of the United States … that office was sold for the largest amount of money ever sold. You can look at prior vice presidents, but nothing like this has ever happened. $14-$15 million in Ukraine. Half a billion dollar housing deal in Iraq. Half a billion dollars to a billion dollars from Bank of China are your partner?

Dobbs: Are you saying to Joe Biden himself?

Giuliani: If you don’t think he shared in that, you have to be stupid, right? His son was very close to him. His brother was very close to him. Every time he was point man, American lost and the Bidens got millions. He didn’t benefit from that? And by the way, you don’t have to take the money for bribery. If I’m the vice president and I say, “I’m going to give you what I want; give the money to my son,” that’s a bribe. The bribery statute says, “either to you or to someone else.” You don’t get off, Joe, because it’s going to your son because we know what happens when it goes to your son. Americans are not stupid.

Dobbs: Well, we’re being played for stupid.

Giuliani: Crooked, crooked, crooked family. It’s a RICO case. It’s more money than a lot of organized crime families made, and a lot more money that white collar RICO cases that I … I initiated the prosecution of white collar …

Dobbs: … and you think this administration is going to hold them accountable.

Giuliani: I hope they are.

Dobbs: What is your thought on why the American people have put up with this ignorance, this venality, this attempt to overthrow our government?

Giuliani: Because they don’t control the key institutions. The key institution is the House – the House can do whatever it wants. Unfortunately, we lost it [in 2018], and we don’t control it. No matter what we write, no matter what we say, they are consumed with hatred, and if they’re not consumed with hatred, they’re being driven by the hatred of others – their constituents. And hatred makes you stupid, too. It makes you make stupid decisions, which is why they make a lot of the stupid decisions they make. Like calling Mueller [to testify in Congress], and he gets up there like a babbling idiot, and they blew their case. [Like] calling Michael Cohen, and he lies seven times. They bring the whistleblower in. Now they can’t produce the whistleblower because if they produce the whistleblower, it’s going to turn out that the whistleblower was there at the very beginning concocting a scheme to prevent [Trump] from being president and then take him out after he was president, no matter what false charge you need. That’s what’s gonna happen. That’s why Schiff is hiding him.

Dobbs: And Schiff is still hiding him, and by the way, … he’s a conspirator [not a whistleblower] … he’s not under the legal definition of a whistleblower, and even if he were entitled …. You know what has happened? No one can speak his name. He’s been banished ….

Giuliani: I’ve done a podcast on this, and I’ve got him cold. I’ve got the records; I’ve got everything. I talked to my lawyer, and I don’t see any reason why I can’t [say his name], and my lawyer said, “No, no, you better just keep it quiet.”

Dobbs: So this is frozen … free speech in America. This person is known to every person in America, but we cannot utter his name.

Giuliani: And to know his name would give you critical information about how this frame-up began, where it began, and what the basis for it was. It is going to show precisely what I as a defense lawyer have been trying to show – that my client was innocent!

Dobbs: Why do we have to play this game? This is America!

Giuliani: Because they completely control the House; they completely control this game with a completely corrupt national media. How many times has the corrupt media used the word debunked? Do you know that there are files that I showed on my podcast … a file this big … that Hunter Biden was being investigated for money-laundering. That Joe Biden was under investigation for money-laundering. Joe Biden! He got his own case dismissed. And they say debunked. It is not debunked. No witnesses [they say]. I’ll show them five witnesses. You can say the witnesses are lying, but you can’t say that there’s no evidence. And they’re lying: the Times is lying, the Post is lying, CNN … every time you see “debunked” … lie, lie, lie, cover-up, lie.


End of the Q&A. Be sure to remember Giuliani’s explanation about bribery the next time you see Joe Biden claim that there’s “no evidence of any criminal conduct.” Biden has never truly been confronted with the truth, and the Democrat-media complex has purposely let him slide. Some enterprising “journalist” needs to ask Biden a direct question about the Ukraine document review being conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh.

Ukraine corruption will be the end of Joe Biden’s career – and I think he knows it.

The end.


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