Fauxcahontas Chronicles: Her Hypocrisy Is Exposed

FILE - In this May 18, 2019, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at a house party campaign stop in Rochester, N.H. Rising disagreement among congressional Democrats over whether to pursue impeachment of President Donald Trump has had little effect on the party’s presidential candidates, who mostly are avoiding calls to start such an inquiry. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

What can I say? Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is crazy, as detailed here, here, and here. But what about her hypocrisy that has been hidden by the legacy media since she surfaced on the national scene? Peter Schweizer, author of the new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, unloaded on Warren about that in a recent interview with Mark Levin on Fox News Channel’s Life, Liberty and Levin. Here is the Q&A:


Levin: What do you know about Warren?

Schweizer: Yeah, very interesting. With Elizabeth Warren, you have what I sort of call a layer cake of corruption. At the top of it is Elizabeth Warren herself. A lot of people know that she’s a lawyer, but what people don’t realize is, in the mid-1990s for three years, she was actually paid by US taxpayers as a consultant to Congress to help rewrite bankruptcy laws. Now why is that interesting? Well, what’s interesting is, she gets paid to rewrite a narrow section of law – we know this because she talks about it in legal briefs. What does she do? She then goes to large corporations and says, “I rewrote this portion of law. Hire me to help you get around it and maximize this law” – for their own benefits. These are companies like Dow Chemical, Armstrong World Wide …. These are major corporations that are facing litigation over issues related to faulty breast implants, asbestos cases, etc. She’s being paid about the equivalent of $1000 per hour, and she made millions of dollars doing this. So that’s Elizabeth Warren herself.

You go down to the second layer, and you have her daughter, Amelia Tyagi – they’re very close, they’ve written books together. Amelia Tyagi in 2007-08 is trying to put together a company that’s been launched called BTG. And she’s looking for investors, and she’s looking for advisers. Very interesting, Mark. In 2008, Elizabeth Warren goes and meets with Harry Reid who wants her to become the chairwoman of the oversight committee for TARP – the bailout – where we’re sending billions of dollars to Wall Street firms to bail them out. Elizabeth Warren goes to that meeting and brings her daughter along. A couple of things happen after that meeting. Number one, Elizabeth Warren is chairwoman of the TARP oversight committee, and that committee and TARP is sending billions of dollars to Wall Street firms. Her daughter Amelia at the same time is raising capital and getting advisers from the same firms that her mother is participating in bailing out. Very, very interesting to know is that company BTG today, as Elizabeth Warren is a US Senator has a number of contracts with government agencies that have benefitted from Elizabeth Warren’s legislative activities.

Levin: You know what is fascinating … the common thread as I listen to you … Donald Trump is under attack for the billions he made before he was in office. The emoluments clause [case now thrown out by the court of appeals just this week] and all the other phony issues. The people who make a fortune as a result of their names in government, the people in government, the relationships to people in government, the politicians and so forth, use the taxpayer, use the political system. They are never scrutinized in a significant way.

Schweizer: That’s a hugely important point. There is huge difference between somebody like Donald Trump – or somebody from the Left like Michael Bloomberg – who has made money before they are in political office than somebody who, once they are in political office – is gonna leverage that position, leverage that power to enrich one’s family. There’s A huge difference between the two.


So tier three involves her son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi … he’s from India … he met Elizabeth Warren’s daughter when they were both going to the Wharton School of Business. He has a lot of international businesses … it’s hard to trace a lot of them because corporate reporting is different in India. But one company that’s very interesting is an entity he created called Tricolor Films. On the website (now taken down), it describes their business model is, producing movies in cooperation with foreign governments. We found to our shock that he actually did a film that was financed by a foreign government – that would be the government of Iran. It’s a film – a very religious film – Sushil Tyagi was listed as the sole producer. There are two government agencies that are listed as the financiers for this project. These are the same government agencies that put together and help organize events like “All Quds Day,” which of course is a expression of their anger at losing Jerusalem. They’re very anti-Semitic “celebrations.” In the film credits, they also give thanks for their contribution to the film – I don’t know what they contributed – to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Air Force. The film was originally reviewed in the NY Times. As Elizabeth Warren announced her run for the Senate, that story disappeared.


End of the interview.

On the campaign trail, Fauxcahontas claims that she is a “complete honest broker,” and that she has been “fighting corporate power for decades.” With an accumulated net worth which was estimated at ~$12 million in 2019, and who made her money servicing large Wall Street corporations, she is in reality a corporate capitalist, not the Progressive fighting for the little guy that she claims to be. How many of her campaign staffers and supporters know of her rank hypocrisy? Not very many.

The end.


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