Acquittal Aftermath: Bob Casey Propagates the Democrats’ Lies

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) was interviewed on Fox News Channel by Harris Faulkner immediately after President Trump’s remarks about his acquittal in the White House. He expressed not the slightest bit of contrition for the Democrats having put the country through their impeachment farce. To the contrary, he was defiant and belligerent in his remarks, as captured below.


Faulkner: There is always fallout with these things, and there are some reports of weakening, if you will, among some Democrat voters of their enthusiasm. What is the message that you’re telling voters today?

Casey: I think the basic message from the trial is, no one is above the law. Any public official who violates their oath of office, who abuses power, will be held accountable, and that’s what the trial was about. There’s no question now in terms of the facts. No one – or very few Americans, I think – agree with what you just heard the President say – that he did nothing wrong. That’s a ridiculous statement. He solicited the interference of a foreign government in the next election, and then demanded that that foreign government investigate a political opponent and also investigate a debunked theory about the last election. No one believes he did nothing wrong. Now some senators will make the argument that they thought that that didn’t reach the standard for a guilty vote and removal from office. I can understand that, but I think the most enduring thing that will remain from the trial is that you had one party that refused to hear evidence from relevant witnesses look at relevant documents. That will be enduring, but I think the country understood what this process was all about. People will fall on either side of it, but the idea that he did nothing wrong here is really insulting to the country.


Me: The Democrats aren’t deviating from their impeachment narrative one iota despite their lack of evidence of impeachable crimes under the Constitution – or any other crimes, for that matter. “No one agrees with what you just heard the President say.” That’s more Democrat B.S. Most of us (except for the radical Democrat base) understand full well that the President’s acquittal was just the latest chapter in the Democrats’ impeachment campaign, and that there was no basis for the trial whatsoever. And as the phone call transcripts elucidated, with supporting rationale provided by the President’s legal team, the President did absolutely nothing wrong despite the Democrats’ repeated bleating. And rather than being debunked, the Democrat-Ukraine election meddling was brought to the public’s attention for the first time during the Senate trial. The real truth is, no one believes what you say, Bob, except for the Democrat base. We also understand that Mitch McConnell stopped your partisan political attempts to change constitutional responsibilities and prerogatives of the Senate and the Chief Justice during presidential impeachment trials.

Faulkner: We’re in an election year, and when you hear the President say, “These people have gone stone cold crazy, but I’ve beaten them before, and I will beat them again,” talking about his political opposition, basically talking about you as Democrats … It’s an election year, so I hear all of what you’re saying, but you’ve got to package that now and sell it to a voting public that has been perched waiting to see if you could get this president removed, and you didn’t.

Casey: Here’s what I think voters are gonna want to know in this election – in the presidential race and in the congressional races. They’re gonna want to know the answers to one basic question, maybe two or three. They’re gonna ask themselves which candidate for president, which party in the congressional races, will be more likely to protect my healthcare or not. We know that the Republican Party led by the President supports a lawsuit that will wipe out protections for pre-existing conditions. That’s just a fact. They also support the sabotage of the existing system, and they support – every one of them – Republican members of Congress and the President – supports cuts to Medicare and Medicaid that total $2.3 trillion over 10 years. So, if we want to have a fight about an issue, most Americans are going to be wanting to know which side of the aisle do you fall on that issue, the issue of healthcare.


Me: Notice how he didn’t directly answer the political implications of the impeachment farce in November but instead segued to the topic of heathcare (and then lied about Republican positions) because he knows how damaging that impeachment has been to Democrat prospects in November. Quashing Obamacare – still in process – is a good thing, as the vast majority of Americans well understand. They also do not support the Democrats’ favorite healthcare solution, “Medicare for All.” Yes, let’s have that debate, Senator, but you’ll need to come up with a better answer for why you put the country through 4 months of impeachment nonsense.

Faulkner: So you’ve laid out your case for Democrats, and you’ve pointed to where you think there are truths or untruths on the other side of the political aisle. I don’t think that the American people would be anything other than thirsty for you to fight it out on the issues. That hasn’t been what this has been about up until now, so that might be refreshing. You mentioned that there could be a [Democrat] candidate in there who could take it on and possibly beat President Trump. Who is that person because coming out of Iowa, that was a mess?

Casey: I support Joe Biden. I supported him from the moment he announced his candidacy for a couple of reasons: his integrity, his experience, and his ideas for the future. But number four, and very important, Joe Biden can carry Pennsylvania – I’m certain of that. The reality for my party is, we have to win Pennsylvania. The President, actually, could lose Pennsylvania and still be reelection. I hate to admit that, but that’s the truth. Our party has to win Pennsylvania; we’ve gotta nominate someone who can carry Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and a few other places. So, my support for Joe Biden wasn’t just based upon his character and his record; it was also based on his winnability in our state.


Me: Casey supports the corrupt Joe Biden (no surprise there). Joe Biden has “integrity”? I guess he needs to read Chapter 3 of Peter Schweizer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite. That chapter lays the wood to the corruption and nepotism of not only Joe but also 4 of his family members. But that doesn’t even begin to touch the corruption in Ukraine which is being disclosed in Rudy Giuliani’s podcasts these days. Even Democrat voters are beginning to suspect that Biden is a corrupt as the day is long. After a 4th place finish in Iowa, there is an even chance that Biden’s campaign won’t even survive until the Democrat convention in July.

The Democrats are standing fast with their false impeachment narrative. We will be hearing endless repetition of the same lies stated in this Bob Casey in the days and weeks ahead.

The end.


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