2020 Campaign: Here Is Why the Democrats Fear Bernie Sanders

I Don't Wanna Go

Here are some signs that the Democrats are deathly afraid of “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders winning the Democrat nomination for president this year:


Why would they be afraid of Bernie? After all, he is motivating young voters to come to the polls, he has a large and well-funded nationwide organization, he draws more people to his rallies than other Democrat candidates, and he has a number of allies in Congress, including The Squad and other members of the Progressive Caucus.

Here are some possible reasons why the Democrats are worried:

  • The establishment candidate is teetering. Joe Biden’s campaign has plateaued nationally as more information about Biden family corruption seeps into the public consciousness thanks to the double barrels of the testimony by the President’s legal team during the Senate impeachment trial and the release of Peter Schweizer’s book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.
  • The entire Democrat Star Wars bar scene is lackluster. None of the Democrat candidates are drawing anywhere close to the crowds that appear at President Trump’s rallies. Bernie is the only candidate that excites his voter base.
  • No Democrat candidate appeals to all wings of the Democrat Party: the few remaining moderates, the single-issue identity politics voters, socially conservative African Americans, donors, the Clinton mob, the Obama mob, and the activist far-left base. If Bernie wins, some of those groups will either vote for Trump or stay home.
  • Bernie announced on Monday that he’s going to take on the “entire political establishment, both Republican and Democratic.” That’s the last thing that establishment Democrats want.

Rahm Emanuel bravely claims that the Democrats can win without Bernie bros. I guess he “forgot” that some 10% of them voted for President Trump in 2016. How many of them with either sit out the election or vote for the President in 2020 if they determine that Bernie’s nomination was spiked by the DNC and establishment Democrats once again?

I believe that this recent media poll identifies the real reason why the Democrat Party establishment is afraid of a Bernie Sanders nomination.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll spends a lot of time sussing out American voters’ views on President Donald Trump’s impeachment and the 2020 election.


Fifty-two percent of those polled said they viewed capitalism positively, while just 19 percent said the same about socialism. In an almost mirror flip, 18 percent had a negative view of capitalism, while 53 percent viewed socialism negatively.

The poll of 1,000 registered voters was conducted last week (and has a 3.1 percentage point margin of error).

“Democratic primary voters have a net-positive impression of socialism (40 percent positive, 23 percent negative), and Dem voters ages 18-34 view it even more favorably (51 percent to 14 percent),” reports NBC. “But key general-election groups like independents…suburban voters and swing-state voters have a much more negative impression of socialism.”

The Democrats know that, despite their best efforts to persuade Americans otherwise, the country still supports capitalism over socialism, and that an overt socialist (Communist, in my view) like Bernie would doom the party in November, including destroying the candidacies of down-ballot Democrats in close races across the country.  And they will do anything and everything they can to derail Bernie’s candidacy before the Democrat convention in July, including a barrage of anti-Bernie stories in the legacy media. Will they be able to keep their coalition together if they kick Bernie to the curb?


The end.


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