San Fran Nan Marches the Democrat Caucus off the Cliff

“Woe is us; the President has been impeached.” That’s not what Trump supporters are thinking at this point; that’s what the Democrats in Congress are thinking. The Schiff and Nadler hearings failed BIGLY. Democrats thought that rising public support for impeachment after those hearings would force Republicans to vote for impeachment, and that actually removing President Trump from office would be a fait accompli.


But when the Democrats, despite their carefully scripted and tyrannically controlled hearings, could not produce witnesses with other than hearsay or personal opinions of presidential malfeasance, public support for impeachment tanked. Here is what even diehard Democrat hack Jim Sciutto (served in the Obama Administration) said in warning to his Democrat friends on Wednesday.

[T]here’s growing evidence that the public impeachment proceedings in the House against Trump may actually be helping him politically.

Take a new Gallup poll released Wednesday morning, which shows two things happening since House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, opened up a formal impeachment inquiry in October regarding Trump’s conduct with Zelensky:

1) Trump’s job approval rating has gone from 39% to 45%

2) Support for Trump’s impeachment and removal has dipped from 52% to 46%.

Those results largely affirm other data out over the past week or so that suggest support for impeachment has dipped. In a CNN national poll released earlier this week, 45% said they supported the impeachment and removal of the President — down from 50% who said the same in a mid-November CNN survey. That same poll showed opposition to impeachment/removal at 46%, up 4 points from mid-November. And a CNN “poll of polls” — an average of all six most recent quality/credible national polling conducted between December 4 and December 15 — showed 46% favored impeachment and removal as compared to 49% who did not.


Given that media polls are nothing but push-polls for Democrats, you just know that the numbers are far better for the President than is being reported by Sciutto and others in the legacy media.

How did the Democrats walk this far out on the plank? They can all thank their speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made an extended guest appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program Wednesday. Rush asked him how the Democrats got to this point. Here is a summary of the points McCarthy made in response:

  • The Democrats have been bleating about impeaching the President even before he was inaugurated. He gave Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the guy who stood in for Jerry Nadler before the House Rules Committee on Tuesday, as an example of one who called for impeachment before Inauguration Day.
  • Nancy Pelosi was caught in an interview saying that she’s been working on impeaching the President for the past 22 months.
  • When the Democrats won control of the House, Jerry Nadler specifically campaigned for being assigned as the House Judiciary Committee chairmanship by claiming he would be “best on impeachment.” They were planning on impeaching the President based on the Mueller report, but Mueller bombed out, and Nadler was exposed as an inept chairman during Mueller’s testimony before his committee.
  • When Mueller failed to deliver the goods, Adam Schiff (D-CA) came to her with the Ukraine whistleblower conspiracy. He had previously coordinated directly with the whistleblower and apparently convinced Pelosi that he had the evidence necessary to take down the President. She trusted Schiff, a fellow Californian, and both of them apparently convinced the Democrat leadership to concoct their plan to impeach the President based on the whistleblower’s claims.
  • Pelosi declared the intention to conduct a “formal impeachment inquiry” on 24 September, violating House traditions by not putting the decision to a vote.
  • After milking the legacy media for hundreds of articles favoring impeachment based on the whistleblower’s supposedly devastating claims – and in response to Republican claims that the Democrats’ inquiry had not yet been put to a vote by the full House – the Democrats passed their official impeachment investigation resolution on 31 October setting the stage for the December star chamber hearings in December.
  • Public impeachment hearings began in the House on 13 November.
  • President Trump threw a big wrench into the Democrats’ plans when he declassified and released the 25 July transcript of his phone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky, which completely undermined the whistleblower’s claims. What I find particularly humorous is that the declassification date of the transcript was 24 September – the very day that Pelosi first announced the Democrats’ “impeachment inquiry,” yet the transcript was not officially released to the public until 15 November – AFTER the full House vote on the Democrats’ impeachment resolution.
  • After claiming for weeks that the whistleblower would be testifying before Congress, suddenly Schiff and the Democrats switched tactics to “defend the whistleblower’s anonymity.” In short, they knew that they had been caught out with a weak case and would now have to scramble build an impeachment narrative.
  • Pelosi originally supported impeachment resolutions similar to those in place during the Clinton impeachment hearings in 1998, which included due process for the President and a modicum of fair treatment for the minority party. Nadler’s bungling of the Mueller hearings, and the subsequent controversy surrounding the “whistleblower”’ led Pelosi to throw those resolutions out the window and go with the draconian House Resolution 660, which drastically curtailed the rights of the Republican minority and led directly to the three weeks of Democrat star chamber hearings through which they put the country. It also turned historical precedence on its head by moving the impeachment investigation from the House Judiciary Committee to Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee. Schiff would have to deliver the bacon.
  • Once committed to formal impeachment hearings on 31 October (H.R. 660), the die was cast. Democrats were committed to finish the impeachment of President Trump, come hell or high water. But the President’s release of that call transcript changed everything!
  • As a result, the Democrats have been in search of an impeachment narrative that would resonate with the American public. Enter their focus-group-tested phrases: quid pro quo to bribery to high crimes and finally to the nebulous (and bogus) abuse of power and obstruction of Congress that formed the basis of the two articles of impeachment.
  • The freshmen Democrats campaigned in 2018 on working with the President, doing the work of the country, etc., NOT on impeachment. Yet their speaker committed them to essentially walking the plank with this impeachment charade. Actually, she forced them to commit political seppuku, as several if not all of them have found out through town halls and direct feedback from their own constituents in recent days.

Those are the main points he made during the interview with Rush. Nancy Pelosi got her wish; she succeeded in executing her 22-month-old plan to impeach President Trump. But, the polls turned against the Democrats, as noted above, because they couldn’t produce ANY evidence of impeachable conduct by the President. Adam Schiff failed Pelosi – and the Democrats – BIGLY!

As Minority Leader McCarthy noted during the interview, there are more than just those 31 freshmen Democrats who have jeopardized their own reelections by voting for impeachment. Yep. Some of those supposedly “safe Democrat seats” will also be in play in 2020. There is a real chance that the Republicans will regain control of the House, and the Democrats’ rush to impeachment based on unsubstantiated false allegations will be one big reason for that. And then there’s the booming economy, great jobs numbers, record stock market closings, beneficial trade deals, etc., etc., etc. Now that’s my idea of a perfect storm that is brewing!

The end.


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