News Summary from the Week that Was (17 – 23 November)

This is my weekly summary of news that the legacy media and Democrats have obfuscated for partisan political reasons. While the Democrats’ impeachment star chamber dominated the news, there were a number of other breaking news stories that should be been reported more extensively but of course were buried because they didn’t fit the Democrat political narrative.


1. Let’s start off with an article that exposes how disgraceful and evil those who run Facebook really are:

Mary Ann Mendoza is not a popular woman among tech companies, it seems. Mendoza, an “angel mom” whose son was killed by a drunk driver that was illegally in this country, was suspended from Twitter in July for doing what she’s done for years: Posting about illegal immigration.

Now, according to Breitbart, Facebook has done something similar. Not only has it taken down two of her posts for violating “Community Standards on hate speech,” she says the donation button on her organization’s page has been permanently removed. The post includes a quote from Mendoza: “Illegal aliens affect American citizens every hour. … Americans are torn apart by illegal alien criminals every hour. They are. Either they’re killed, they’re raped, they’re assaulted, it’s a hit-and-run, or their identity is stolen. Every hour, an American is affected by illegal alien crime, and it’s growing every day as more of them come over our borders.”

These posts — the latter from July, the former from August — led to Facebook removing the donation button on the Angel Families page, as she “violated their community guidelines more than once. “Mendoza noted that open borders advocacy organizations like United We Dream, funded by billionaire George Soros, are able to obtain donations through Facebook despite routinely attacking the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents for enforcing national immigration law,” Breitbart’s John Binder wrote.

Read the rest here. Facebook is operated by Leftists, and they are not hesitant to apply double standards in enforcing their “guidelines” against people with whom they disagree politically. That’s what fascists do!

2. There’s a sane Democrat in the House of Representatives? The legacy media buried this one because it doesn’t fit their “impeach the evil Drumpf” narrative.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ), who opposes impeachment, revealed some Democrats are privately expressing “concern” about the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

REP. JEFF VAN DREW: “I would imagine I’ll be voting “no.” Now, I always have a codicil if there’s something new, something we haven’t heard, something that really rises to the level of treason or a high crime, that would be different. But we don’t see that. We see little different variations, hearsay, discussions that somebody heard something that somebody else said. Impeachment, as you know, our founding fathers had vigorous debates over whether they would even allow impeachment in the Constitution. You don’t disenfranchise voters, millions upon millions of voters. Voters choose their leaders in America.  I don’t know how other folks will vote, because in all honesty, originally, I thought there were going to be a few more, not that it matters to me if I’m one or I’m 101.”

“I do what I believe is right. There is some discussion among some of them quietly, privately, of concern, certainly. What I’m hearing out in the street is with most people is, they’re kind of tired, they’re kind of worn out, they’re kind of bored, most folks, and they really want to move on.” Unless there’s something new and amazing, we know the end game here.”


Read the rest here. I suspect a lot of Democrats are going to start putting pressure on San Fran Nan to end this charade sooner rather than later.

3. Heh. Adam Schiff’s witnesses confirm John Solomon’s reporting about Democrat corruption in Ukraine.

[Adam Schiff’s] witnesses have done more than anyone to affirm the accuracy of my columns and to debunk the false narrative by a dishonest media and their friends inside the federal bureaucracy that my reporting was somehow false conspiracy theories. The half dozen seminal columns I published for The Hill on Ukraine were already supported by overwhelming documentation (all embedded in the story) and on-the-record interviews captured on video. They made three salient and simple points:

Hunter Biden’s hiring by the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings, while it was under a corruption investigation, posed the appearance of a conflict of interest for his father. That’s because Vice President Joe Biden oversaw US-Ukraine policy and forced the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor overseeing the case.

Ukraine officials had an uneasy relationship with our embassy in Kiev because State Department officials exerted pressure on Ukraine prosecutors to drop certain cases against activists, including one group partly funded by George Soros. There were efforts around Ukraine in 2016 to influence the US election, that included a request from a DNC contractor for dirt on Manafort, an OpEd from Ukraine’s US ambassador slamming Trump and the release of law enforcement evidence by Ukrainian officials that a Ukraine court concluded was an improper interference in the US election. All three of these points have since been validated by the sworn testimony of Schiff’s witnesses this month.

Read the rest here. The details of how Schiff’s witnesses confirm these points makes for an excellent read that the Democrats and media don’t want you to see.

4. Is the Islamic Republic of Iran on its last legs? It’s still early in the protests, but it’s possible.

The spokesman for President Hassan Rouhani’s administration claimed in a news conference on Monday morning that compared to the previous day there have been less protest demonstrations in Iran on Monday. Meanwhile he claimed some demonstrators have used weapons during the previous days. Ali Rabiee, a former Intel Ministry operative, spoke as if he was reporting about a full war between the government and those who protest a sudden hike in the price of gasoline. He also said that protesters took some security officers hostage but did not elaborate further. Meanwhile he declined to give away information on the casualty toll of the first three days of the protests. However, reports compiled by journalists and observers following reports from various regions of the country indicate a minimum of 100 and up to 200 people killed.

Demonstrations have been going on in Iran for the fourth day after the Iranian government increased the price of gasoline Friday morning. Security forces have used lethal force, with tens of people killed. Despite an all-out clampdown on information, it appeared on Monday that the government’s use of lethal force has so far failed to deter protesters.


[A]fter four days, it is clear the protests have gone far beyond the gasoline price issue. Most of the demands voice and slogans chanted point to a complete rejection of the ruling establishment and the Islamic Republic system.

[I]n the 4th day of protests, Iranian media began to disclose information about the large scale of arrests made during the past three days. They reported that in some larger cities “hundreds” of demonstrators have been arrested. Up to 60 have been arrested in Yazd… The total number has been estimated as “more than a thousand.”

Read the rest here. A LOT is going on there, and we’re only getting snippets. It sure looks to me that the IRI is in big trouble. Do the protesters have staying power? That’s the big question. Funny how little Ben Rhodes and all the other IRI apologists from the Obama regime area staying silent about the protests!

5. Imagine that! This of course is in addition to his lying claim that he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman admitted he made up elements of President Donald Trump’s call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an official summary. Prior to the call, Vindman included a discussion about corruption in the talking points provided to the president but Trump did not use them in the call. When asked by the Democrat counsel about whether the summary he wrote was false, Vindman hesitated. “That’s not entirely accurate, but I’m not sure I would describe it as false, it was consistent with U.S. policy,” Vindman said.

Read the rest here. Vindman damaged the Democrats’ false impeachment narrative despite “great expectations.” And he put himself at legal risk by lying during his testimony, too.

6. Yes, Harriet, the Ukrainians DID meddle in the 2016 election contrary to continued Democrat claims that that is just a “Republican conspiracy theory that has been debunked.”

One of the most important issues in President Trump’s impeachment defense is also one of the least explored: To what degree were Trump’s concerns about Ukraine valid? It’s well documented that the president fixated on Ukrainian activity in the 2016 election and on the Bidens’ actions in the Burisma matter. Democrats and many in the media dismiss his concerns as “conspiracy theories.” But to what extent were those concerns, in fact, legitimate? Republicans insist Ukraine did, in fact, try to interfere in the American political process in 2016, and they point to five examples:

(1) Government ministers attack. During the summer of 2016, candidate Trump was under constant criticism for being insufficiently critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin. …. Trump’s comments on Crimea set off a strong reaction in Ukraine. Some high-ranking members of the Ukrainian government took to social media in an attempt to influence, as best they could, the U.S. presidential race. Arsen Avakov, at that time the interior minister, tweeted that Trump was a “clown” and added that the Republican candidate was “an even bigger danger to the U.S. than terrorism.” [plus much more]


(2) The ambassador takes a position. At about the same time as a government minister and a former top official were taking to social media, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., Valeriy Chaly, wrote an op-ed that was published in the Hill.  …. Chaly did not call Trump a “clown” or use any terms of derision. But, as Ukraine’s ambassador, he was surely speaking in an official capacity — that is, as a representative of the Ukrainian government. The op-ed was a clear message, from a high-ranking Ukrainian government official, to the Trump campaign and American voters.

(3) Leshchenko and the black ledger. Serhiy Leshchenko is well known in Ukraine as a journalist, crusader against corruption, and a member of Parliament. In August 2016, a few weeks after Trump’s statements about Crimea, Leshchenko took on a new task. On Aug. 28, the Financial Times published a story, “Ukraine’s leaders campaign against ‘pro-Putin’ Trump.” …. The story went on to recount how Leshchenko, working with Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau, published the “black ledger,” which was purported to be a document listing secret cash payments to, among others, Manafort, during the Yanukovych regime. When the New York Times published a front-page story on the ledger: “Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief,” the ensuing controversy forced Manafort to resign. The only problem was that the black ledger may or may not have been legitimate. There’s no doubt that Manafort received payments from Ukraine. He was convicted on charges of not paying taxes on millions of dollars in income from that country. But there is also no doubt that in all of Manafort’s legal proceedings with Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller, the black ledger was never cited as evidence.  But the ledger was definitive proof of one thing: the determination of Ukraine’s political and activist establishment to exert influence over the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The Financial Times article ended with this: “It was a consensus view, Leshchenko suggested to the Financial Times, telling the paper that the majority of Ukraine’s politicians ‘are on Hillary Clinton’s side.'”

Read the rest here. There’s a LOT more in that article that shows that Ukraine absolutely DID meddle in the 2016 elections – on behalf of Shrillary! The Democrats LIE when they claim that is a conspiracy theory that has been debunked!

7. Let’s stay with Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 elections with this news.

A memo given to Fusion GPS in May 2016 includes information from Serhiy Leshchenko, a former journalist and Ukrainian lawmaker. The memo could shed light on Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr’s testimony where she said Leshchenko was a source for Fusion, which is best known for its work on the Steele dossier. The author of the memo suggested Leshchenko could be used as a “conduit” to publicize information about Paul Manafort. Leshchenko, who has denied being a witting source for Fusion GPS, is best known for his role in publicizing the “black ledger,” which purported to show illicit payments from Ukrainians to Paul Manafort.


Read the rest here. Adam Schiff and Daniel Goldman, call your offices, you lying sacks of dung! Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 election is NOT debunked.

8. Well, check this out! The Jeffrey Epstein saga rolls on…

A Manhattan prison guard is willing to cooperate with a federal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death — even though she’s been accused of goofing off while he hanged himself, her lawyer said Wednesday. Tova Noel “did not make any efforts to frustrate the Government’s investigation” following Epstein’s jailhouse suicide, defense lawyer Jason Foy said in a statement. “In fact, Ms. Noel remains available to fully and truthfully cooperate with the Inspector General’s investigation, which is also geared toward uncovering the many problems that existed from the commencement of her employment [and] which continue to plague the Metropolitan Correctional Center.”

Read the rest here. Well, well, well. And oh, by the way, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide.

9. More #Winning! Americans are feeling pretty darn good about the Trump economy.

Support for Donald Trump’s economic policies rose to the highest level of his presidency in November, according to the latest Gallup opinion poll. Fifty-seven percent of Americans approved of President Trump’s handling of the economy, up from 53 percent in August and 50 percent in May. Approval is dramatically improved from the early days of his presidency, when just 48 percent said they approved. The share of Americans who say they disapprove of Trump’s economic policies fell to just 42 percent, the lowest level on record. This was as high as 48 percent when Trump took office, nearly tied with his 47 percent approval rating. So the latest results show Americans have become more united in support of Trump’s economic policies.

Read the rest here. And the Democrats are silent as the grave about this, too, especially their Star Wars bar scene (their presidential wannabes).

10. Isn’t this great? OCONUS Lures is going to be exposed BIGLY!

Justice Department prosecutor U.S. Attorney John Durham is questioning personnel connected to the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, which awarded multiple contracts to FBI informant Stephan Halper. Halper, who was informing the bureau on Trump campaign advisors, is a central figure in the FBI’s original investigation into President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, has learned. These latest developments reveal the expansive nature of what is now a Justice Department criminal probe into the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. The revelation also comes on the heels of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report regarding the bureau’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, announced to Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night the lengthy investigative report will be released to the public on Dec., 9.

Read the rest here. One element of the perfect storm is coming to fruition! And I love it after watching the Democrats’ impeachment star chamber implode this week!


11. In closing this week’s summary, there’s some news about that FBI crook Pete Strzok:

The FBI stated that one of its former high-level officials, Peter Strzok, lapsed in his duties by failing to investigate evidence in the Clinton investigation found on the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, according to a document released in a recent court filing. “[Your] lack of a proper oversight and diligent follow through created an enormous embarrassment to the Bureau and has been cited by many as having altered the results of a presidential election,” said Jessica Loreto of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) in a June 15, 2018, letter to Strzok. In the 23-page letter, Loreto proposed firing Strzok for investigative deficiency as well as unrelated unprofessional conduct off-duty and a security violation. The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed the letter with Washington federal court on Nov. 19 in response to Strzok’s lawsuit against his dismissal.

Strzok, formerly the FBI’s deputy assistant director in the Counterintelligence Division, led the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server during her tenure as secretary of state. He was also one of the key players in the investigation into several associates of then-candidate Donald Trump for alleged ties to Russia.

In September 2016, FBI agents in the New York field office obtained Weiner’s laptop in an investigation of his sexual exploitation of a minor. On Sept. 28 and Sept. 29, 2016, the field office communicated to multiple officials responsible for the Clinton investigation that hundreds of thousands of Clinton’s emails have been found on the laptop going back to 2007 and including BlackBerry messages, which suggested there were communications from three months early on in Clinton’s tenure that the FBI wasn’t able to recover from other sources. Yet Strzok apparently didn’t touch the lead for weeks and only pursued the new warrant nearly a month later after a distressed agent from the field office alerted his supervisors, who then informed the DOJ.

Read the rest here. The list of Strzok’s crimes is a mile long and getting longer. When will he finally be indicted? It’s also time to revisit Hillary Clinton’s many classified email  mishandling (and other) crimes, too!

Here are this week’s “honorable mention” articles:


There was almost too much real news to report this week – and virtually all of the preceding stories were obfuscated, falsely spun, or downright ignored by the legacy media. I am hesitant to resurrect the old cliché “the Storm,” but it surely looks like it’s trending that way! The Democrats’ impeachment star chamber didn’t move the public opinion needle in favor of impeachment; in fact, the needle moved AGAINST impeachment in the battleground states that count! And now we know that the DoJ OIG FISA abuse report will be released on 9 Dec. And there’s there is the Durham criminal investigation that will blow the lid on a ton of Democrat criminality – including Ukraine corruption! – that will come out in 2020. Great economy, optimism up, ongoing investigations, etc., etc. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

The end.


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