Rep. Nunes Does It Again and Catches Democrats in the Act!

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) - 11/13/19. Screen grab via C-SPAN.

The best “witness” in this impeachment charade continues to be Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA). We have seen a slew of Deep State operatives, most of whom are career US foreign service officers plus one Army O-5, sling hearsay mud, personal opinions, and second-hand tripe at President Trump. And today, we saw a new bit of nonsense thrown up from Fiona Hill: body language! I wonder where she obtained her body-language training? More opinionated nonsense from someone who wrote a long editorial in the Washington Post in 2015 arguing against providing military aid to Ukraine because that would “help the Russians”! And now in 2019, she wants us to believe that she is “upset” that President Trump put a brief hold on lethal military aid to Ukraine? Good luck walking that back, Fiona. But I digress.


Once again, Rep. Nunes cuts to the heart of the matter by reminding Americans what this Democrat-controlled Soviet-style impeachment star chamber is all about in his opening statement today. You know the drill – these are the points purposely ignored by the Democrats and their legacy media allies because they completely undermine their manufactured impeachment narrative. Here are some excerpts.

Throughout these bizarre hearings, the Democrats have struggled to make the case that President Trump committed some impeachable offense on his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. The offense itself changes depending on the day, ranging from a quid pro quo, to extortion, to bribery, to obstruction of justice, then back to quid pro quo.

It’s clear why the Democrats have been forced onto this carousel of accusations:

  • President Trump had good reason to be wary of Ukrainian election meddling against his campaign and of widespread corruption in that country.
  • President Zelensky, who didn’t even know aid to Ukraine had been paused at the time of the call, has repeatedly said there was nothing wrong with the conversation.
  • The aid was resumed without the Ukrainians taking the actions they were supposedly being coerced into doing.
  • Aid to Ukraine under President Trump has been much more robust than it was under President Obama, thanks to the provision of Javelin anti-tank weapons.

As numerous witnesses have testified, temporary holds on foreign aid occur fairly frequently for many different reasons. So how do we have an impeachable offense here when there’s no actual misdeed and no one even claiming to be a victim?


The Democrats have tried to solve this dilemma with a simple slogan: “He got caught!” President Trump, we are to believe, was just about to do something wrong, and getting caught was the only reason he backed down from whatever nefarious thought-crime the Democrats are accusing him of almost committing.

I once again urge Americans to consider the credibility of the Democrats on this committee who are now hurling these charges. For the last three years, it’s not President Trump who got caught, it’s the Democrats who got caught.

  • They got caught falsely claiming they had more than circumstantial evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the 2016 elections.
  • They got caught orchestrating this entire farce with the Whistleblower and lying about their secret meetings with him.
  • They got caught defending the false allegations of the Steele dossier, which was paid for by the Democrats.
  • They got caught breaking their promise that impeachment would only go forward with bipartisan support because of how damaging it is to the American people.
  • They got caught running a sham impeachment process featuring secret depositions, hidden transcripts, and an unending flood of Democrat leaks.
  • They got caught trying to obtain nude photos of President Trump from Russian pranksters pretending to be Ukrainians.
  • And they got caught covering up for Alexandra Chalupa—a Democratic National Committee operative who colluded with Ukrainian officials to smear the Trump campaign—by improperly redacting her name from deposition transcripts and refusing to let Americans hear her testimony as a witness in these proceedings.

That is the Democrats’ pitiful legacy in recent years: They. Got. Caught.

Meanwhile, their supposed star witness testified that he was guessing that President Trump was tying Ukrainian aid to investigations despite no one telling him that was true, and the President himself explicitly telling him the opposite—that he wanted nothing from Ukraine.

Ladies and gentlemen, unless the Democrats once again scramble their kangaroo court rules, today’s hearing marks the merciful end of this spectacle in the Impeachment Committee, formerly known as the Intelligence Committee.

Whether the Democrats reap the political benefit they want from this impeachment remains to be seen. But the damage they have done to this country will be long-lasting.

With this wrenching attempt to overthrow the President, they have pitted Americans against one another and poisoned the minds of fanatics who actually believe the entire galaxy of bizarre accusations they have leveled against the President since the day the American people elected him.

I sincerely hope the Democrats end this affair as quickly as possible so our nation can begin to heal the many wounds it has inflicted on us. The people’s faith in government, and their belief that their vote counts for something, has been shaken.

From the Russia hoax to this shoddy Ukrainian sequel, the Democrats got caught. Let’s hope they finally learn a lesson, give their conspiracy theories a rest, and focus on governing for a change.


<end of this excerpt>

Damn straight, Congressman! The Democrats got caught, and thinking Americans are figuring it all out, thanks to you and your colleagues. I particularly like that Rep. Nunes also invoked House rules in order to set up a separate minority-run hearing that would enable Republicans to bring for the real witnesses who will shed light on this impeachment farce, as well as Ukraine-Democrat corruption. Here’s his kicker at the end on that subject:

In addition, Mr. Chairman, pursuant to House Rule 11, Clause 2J(1), the Republican members transmit our request to convene a minority day of hearings. To date you have blocked key witnesses that we have requested from testifying in this partisan impeachment inquiry. This rule is not displaced by HRes 660, and therefore under House Rule 11, Clause 1A, it applies to the Democrat impeachment inquiry. We look forward to the Chair promptly scheduling an agreed upon time for a minority day of hearings so that we can hear from witnesses that you have continually blocked from testifying.

And then Rep. Nunes took a shot across Fiona Hill’s bow with this:

I’d also like to take a quick moment on an assertion that Ms. Hill made in the statement that she submitted to this committee in which she claimed that some Republicans committee members denied that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. As I noted in my opening statement on Wednesday that in March 2018 intelligence committee Republican published the results of a year-long investigation into Russian meddling. A 240-page report analyzed the 2016 Russian meddling campaign, the US government reaction to it, Russian campaigns in other countries, and provided specific recommendations to improve American election security.



As America may or may not know, Democrats refused to sign on to the Republican report. Instead, they decided to adopt minority views filled with collusion conspiracy theories. Needless to say it is entirely possible for two separate nations to engage in election meddling at the same time, and Republicans believe we should take meddling seriously by ALL foreign countries regardless of which campaign is the target. I would like to submit for the record our report entitled, “Russian Active Measures.”

He nailed it again! One of the Democrats’ persistent lies is that it was only the Russians who meddled in the 2016 elections. That’s why they have refused Republican requests to interview any witnesses with direct knowledge of Ukrainian meddling and have also lied by claiming the intelligence community only found Russian meddling. The latter is because they weren’t asked to investigate Ukrainian meddling in the waning days of the Obama regime. And that is all dripping out thanks to the work of independent journalists like John Solomon and Lee Smith. Rest assured, there is MUCH more to come on that score!

The end.


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