We, The People, Demand Action From the Political Class

Are we happy with the trajectory of our government over the past 60 years? At what point will the country go bankrupt (we’re over $22 trillion in debt already, and counting)? Have we seen enough corruption across virtually all federal agencies? Have we watched while carpet-bagging scoundrels like the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and others amass tens of millions of dollars through blatant pay-for-play corruption? Isn’t it about time to end the seemingly endless wars that the Uniparty have foisted on the country by playing patsy with supposed enemies, as opposed to bringing the full weight of US capabilities to bear to swiftly defeat them? Are our large cities destroyed sufficiently and their inhabitants fleeced enough yet?


Have we had enough of the ideological penetration of our public schools by activist Marxists and other forms of leftists who are hell-bent on indoctrinating our kids? Are we tired of our industries and jobs moving offshore, leaving whole towns and regions devastated over time? How many more opioid/fentanyl deaths do we need to read about? How many more murders and other serious crimes committed by illegal aliens do we need to suffer? Are we fine with the increasing incidence of diseases that were once thought to be eradicated in the US – brought by the continuing flood of illegal aliens? Are we furious that the masked crooks who infest Antifa and other leftwing groups are allowed to roam free in the streets, violently attacking people, destroying public property, and committing other crimes without any consequence?

Are we finally concerned about the ongoing transformation of the military and subsequent massive reduction in military readiness thanks to the introduction of destructive personnel policies concocted by Marxists and leftists? Are we tired of the political class feathering their own nests through graft, corruption, and nepotism while ignoring all of these problems – and more? Have we finally figured out that the “political class” only perpetuates the problems and never solves them? Are we outraged enough yet about all the human trafficking and pedophilia we are seeing exposed, especially the well-connected participants? How many more children will be sacrificed on the alters of Moloch and Ba’al?

Are we outraged by the Left’s attempts to destroy the Constitution, repeal the Second Amendment, abolish the Electoral College, and take other actions to implement the socialist totalitarian state that they’ve been pursuing for years? Are we finally done with the Left’s attempts to steal elections via massive voter fraud, as well as through soft coups such as what was attempted against @POTUS? Are we tired of the double standard of the application of laws when we see obvious political corruption in play at DoJ and the FBI? Are we tired of the selective enforcement of laws, e.g., existing immigration laws?


I don’t know about you, but I’m frickin’ tired of all the B.S. and claptrap from the political class, which consists of most elected members of Congress, senior appointed and later embedded federal bureaucrats, and their enablers throughout the legacy media, Academia, and Hollywood. It’s only a Republic if we can keep it, to paraphrase the inimitable Benjamin Franklin. We’ve got a lot of work to do to restore order, discipline, accountability, responsibility, and good government in the United States of America!

We must make loud, persistent, and – indeed – virtually perpetual demands on our political class in order to buttress the foundations of the Republic and restore its institutions, especially the federal government, to the Founders’ vision. And we need to keep making these demands until they are finally met. And that means doing whatever we can to facilitate the process, including tossing out corrupt politicians until we find honorable citizen politicians will and able to get the job done. Here is a list of demands – the kinds that normal, God-fearing, and law-abiding Americans who are appalled at the state of affairs in the items listed above would themselves happily make. These are of course just starting points in the discussion to reclaim control of our government.

1. Constitutional changes:

  • Equal application of US laws: Congress and all federal employees (and all Americans, for that matter) must equally abide by all the laws they impose on the American people, including administrative laws.
  • Congressional Term Limits: the federal elections deck is stacked in favor of incumbents. It currently favors the best fund-raisers, not the best ideas or the most integrity.
  • A Flat Income Tax: one nation under an equal rate for all. End all tax loopholes, write-offs, credits, subsidies, etc. An alternative to this would be to abolish the federal income tax and replace it with a national sales tax. Debate on this topic is needed.

2. Governmental reforms:

  • Government Transparency: require annual audited financial statements by all agencies and quasi gov’t institutions, as well as full disclosure of all sources of income, benefits and gratuities of all public officials. This also includes making full disclosure of the criminal records of all officials, as well as a prevention of the use of taxpayer funds to settle any personal claims against federal officials.
  • Congress and all federal employees must participate in Social Security contribute to their own 401Ks (no pensions/annuities); no perks go with them after they leave office.
  • All funds in the Congressional Retirement Fund move to the Social Security System immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security System, which may not be used for any other purposes.
  • Congress will no longer vote themselves pay increases. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
  • Congress and all federal employees must participate in the same Healthcare System as the American people.
  • Implement and strictly enforce loyalty oaths in DoJ and the FBI.
  • Ban lobbying by federal officials and elected representatives for at least 10 years after the end of their federal service
  • Outlaw foreign lobbying of Congress, including via “nonprofit” organizations.
  • Repeal McCain-Feingold and get rid of all 501(c)3 and (c)4 organizations.
  • Restore high standards (merit) throughout the federal government and society at large, with merit the sole measuring stick for selection/promotion.

3. Legal reforms/demands:

  • Common Law: One set of laws for a unified nation, not one set for legislators and a separate set for the people. Laws must be re-written in plain English. Surely, we can make our legal code understandable by all. Making laws undecipherable by those impacted by them is the worst form of tyranny. The stranglehold the legal profession exerts on all facets of society is a direct result of this deliberate obfuscation and includes significant economic costs.
  • Reform Criminal Justice System: end morality-based criminal statutes and sentencing discrepancies.
  • Re-institute a sustainable and enforced Immigration Policy based on existing laws and the removal of all loop-holes and incentives that continue to attract aliens to the US.
  • Laws against wearing masks. Wearing masks during street protests should be prohibited (a misdemeanor), as perpetrators of violence need to be easily identified and the prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Go after sanctuary states and cities, including withholding federal funds for those jurisdictions who provide sanctuary for illegal aliens. Remove non-profit status from any non-profit org engaged in providing sanctuaries for illegal aliens.
  • Make it easier to impeach lawless judges for making new laws from the bench and violating their first responsibility (interpreting laws according to the US Constitution).
  • Prosecute all leftists (including politicians) who incite violence through unprotected political speech, particularly against the President and other elected officials.
  • Arrest all violent protesters (e.g., Antifa); no exceptions (call out the National Guard if necessary to maintain order).
  • Strictly enforce all campaign finance laws, especially foreign contributions including money laundering through international non-profit organizations. Remove the FEC from jurisdiction.
  • Revamp whistle-blower laws, including providing protections for individuals. For good measure, ensure that whistle-blower laws only allow for first-hand evidence by the claimant.
  • Strengthen FARA and the Logan Act and remove foreign influence of US elections and governance (no foreign lobbying).
  • Implement/strengthen and enforce anti-corruption laws against buying non-prosecution and/or bending the rules, e.g., college admissions, jury tampering, etc.

4. Public policy reforms:

  • Phase out all federal entitlements, whether individual, corporate, non-profit, or charitable.
  • Return the health insurance industry to non-profit status with strict oversight. Repeal its anti-trust exemption, and allow cross state competition.
  • Require “price tags” on all medical services to enable price comparison among providers.
  • Implement medical care deductible security, which pairs an insurance policy that has an annual deductible with a health savings account (HSA) that the policy’s sponsor funds each year with an amount equal to the annual deductible.
  • Phase out Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and SSI over 10 years. Convert Social Security to lifetime managed 401Ks with a minimum required withholding. Convert the medical plans to private insurance.

5. Education reforms:

  • End Public Education: implement school choice/vouchers as a first step to total privatization.
  • Remove the advocacy of Marxist-Socialism from American education. Remove all books advocating socialism from required classes.
  • Retain electives for Marxist-Socialist classes at university level, if desired, but ensure that those classes do not count toward a degree or graduation.
  • Remove all federal funding from any school that contains classes advocating Marxism-Socialism in its curricula (includes American history).
  • Make massive investments in trade schools as alternatives to college degrees (many technical career alternatives).
  • Implement age-integrated classrooms where younger kids learn behavior from older kids.
  • Develop policies promoting merit-based teaching for rewarding the best teachers, not administrators.
  • Implement fact-based testing (minimize subjectivity),
  • Enforce severe penalties for teachers injecting personal political views in classrooms, including disqualification of all Marxists/socialists from the teaching profession (includes loyalty oaths, tests, reviews, and oversight to ensure compliance).
  • Revamp teachers’ schools to remove all progressive education influences of John Dewey, William Kilpatrick, and various Marxist schools of thought, including the removal of political indoctrination.
  • Provide for enforced discipline on any student disturbing the classroom, including removal from the classroom and transfer to a remedial school when appropriate.
  • Implement a complete return to merit for grades and advancement – no exceptions!
  • Get rid of Common Core and greatly revise (if not repeal) Title IX.

This list of demands is only a starter list and a point departure for the public debate necessary to restore our government and cultural institutions to what the Founders envisioned long ago. It’s up to us to make these demands and follow through by electing like-minded constitutional conservatives who are willing to work toward satisfying these demands over the long haul.

Our public servants ultimately work for us, not themselves. We need to hold their feet to the fire and get these things done! And that takes a LOT of people getting off the couch and participating in the process. Let’s get to it.

The end.


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