Americans See Right Through the Democrats’ Impeachment Star Chamber

THE STAR CHAMBER [US 1983] Date: 1983
THE STAR CHAMBER [US 1983] Date: 1983

Wednesday was “smoking gun” day according to the despicable Adam Schff, the House Intel Committee chairman who narrowly survived a censure vote this week. His serial lying began with over 250 public promises (mostly on the thoroughly discredited CNN and MSNBC) since January 2017 that he “had the goods” on President Trump that would decisively prove Russian collusion and lead directly the articles of impeachment.


Who could forget his opening statement before his own committee during hearings in late September in which Kurt Volker was questioned about the President’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky? Schiff later during that same hearing was forced to back off on that bald-faced lie and call his own opening statement a “parody” because POTUS released the phone call transcript.

Then he lied about his prior coordination with the Ukraine “leaker”, as well as his own and staffers’ direct connections to Ukraine (Schiff took money from a Ukrainian arms dealer). Here is just one example:

Then Schiff violated House traditions by preventing committee Republicans from having direct access to witness testimony, enabling Schiff and other Democrats to selectively leak and spin damaging testimony  while at the same time precluding the release of testimony that exonerates the President from the salacious quid pro quo accusations that form the basis for the Democrats’ fake “impeachment inquiry.”

Things really came to a head on Wednesday, as Republicans confronted Schiff’s Soviet-style control of House Intel Committee hearings:

House Republicans led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., on Wednesday essentially stormed a closed-door session connected to the impeachment investigation of President Trump, prompting House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to suspend the proceedings in a remarkable scene. The standoff happened Wednesday morning after lawmakers held a press conference in which they accused House Democrats of lack of transparency. The Republicans specifically called out Schiff, D-Calif., who is leading the investigation. “Voting members of Congress are being denied access from being able to see what’s happening behind these closed doors where they’re trying to impeach the president of the United States with a one-sided set of rules,” Scalise continued. “They call the witnesses. They don’t let anybody else call the witnesses.”


[Rep. Byrne:] “Adam Schiff just SHUT DOWN his secret underground impeachment hearing after I led a group of Republicans into the room. Now he’s threatening me with an Ethics complaint! I’m on the Armed Services Cmte but being blocked from the Dept. Asst. SecDef’s testimony. This is a SHAM!” Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., tweeted.

Read the rest here.  It’s about damn time Republicans upped their game against Schiff, isn’t it? But it gets better.

In two minutes of devastating testimony before the House Intel Committee in a SCIF on day before the Republicans’ committee-crashing activities, John Ratcliffe (R-TX) destroyed the Democrats’ star witness, Ukraine’s top diplomat, William Taylor. While the Democrats selectively leaked Taylor’s opening statement and stated that Taylor provided the “smoking gun” proving the supposed quid pro quo (trumpeted everywhere in the legacy media), here is what Rep. Ratcliffe accomplished in directly questioning Taylor in his own words, as he reported afterwards on FNC:

I found [Taylor] to be very forthright. He had very strong opinions about Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy. But again, the mainstream media reporting that he provided evidence of a quid pro quo involving military aid is false. I questioned him directly on that. And under [House Intelligence Chairman] Adam Schiff’s rules I can’t tell you what he said, but I can tell you what he didn’t say. And neither he or any other witness has provided testimony that the Ukrainians were aware that military aid was being withheld. You can’t have a quid pro quo with no quo.


Watch the whole interview here.  Yes, you read that right: Taylor provided zero evidence of a quid pro quo; to the contrary, Taylor denied there was a quid pro quo offered during the two presidents’ phone call! And yet Schiff’s committee rules precluded Ratcliffe from reporting Taylor’s actual testimony! That’s direct confirmation that Schiff is running a Soviet-style kangaroo court focused solely on impeaching the President, regardless of the existence of exonerating testimony!

Fortunately, rational and normal Americans retain a sense of fairness and can see through the Democrats’ charade. Now comes a report that the Democrat-media attempts to sway public opinion toward impeachment is in fact backfiring on them:

A memo by the Republican National Committee (RNC) that contains internal GOP polling data shows the American public, even Democrat voters, are turning against the Democrat Party’s “impeachment inquiry” into President Donald Trump. The memo, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, shows independent voters nationwide en masse oppose impeachment—with 54 percent opposed and only 34 percent in favor. “We have seen public polling drastically under sample Independent voters, which is one of the many reasons for so much incorrect public data over the past month,” the memo explains regarding the disparity between internal GOP numbers and public polling from news organizations and polling institutions.


What’s more, internal RNC polling data, according to this memo, shows Democrats have lost support among their own base significantly in just the past week. “Support among Democrats for the ridiculous attempt to remove the President from office is down 10 points over the past week,” the memo says.

Read the rest here. There is much more in that article about the flawed polling methods employed by Gallup and Fox News that resulted in the sensational (and false!) claims that over 50% of Americans support impeachment!

Normal people can see through the B.S. The Democrats, including those who infest the legacy media, have been trying every which way from Sunday to drum up public support for impeachment through false allegations, lies, sensationalist reporting, and selective leaking. And it’s NOT WORKING! To the contrary, support for the President’s successful policies and demonstrated results has been climbing inexorably. But for the Democrats, impeachment is all they’ve got, as they are desperate to protect their Ukrainian slush-fund which, when fully exposed, will likely implicate the lot of them – including that miserable Adam “Shifty” Schiff!

I can’t wait for AG Barr and US Attorney Durham to bring the pain. That day is coming soon. The Democrats have sown the wind with the false allegations against the President for over two years, and they will soon reap the political whirlwind.

The end.

Late note! It turns out that Schiff’s “star witness” was on the board of an Ukrainian NGO with direct ties to George Soros! How rotten and corrupt are these Democrats, anyway? Check this out.



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