You Think CNN is Bad? CNN-International Might be Worse!

Have you ever wondered why the legacy media incessantly report that POTUS has “diminished America’s standing in the world” over the past two years? And of course, such reporting is “verified” by media push-polls. While there are TONS of people overseas who hold the US in high esteem, certainly there are SOME people who are influenced by the constant anti-Trump messages from US media that they see broadcast 24x7x365 from the likes of CNN International, as well as foreign media such as the BBC, for that matter.


Those Americans who’ve been overseas over the past couple of years know full well that about which I’m talking. Those who’ve not need to realize the CNN-I is carried in many if not most hotels around the world and is considered by a lot of people to be the “window into” the US. (Not by me!) You cannot believe what a HORRIBLY distorted picture is presented of America and of American policies by CNN-I! What CNN is doing in America in their all-out attack on President Trump and in the process to destroy America is mirrored in their international programming, which has changed drastically in the past 3 years from eclectic international coverage (like BBC or Al Jazeera) to 24/7 shrill anti-Trump pure outrageous propaganda. Even CNN founder Ted Turner has complained in the past about the radical incompetent hateful propaganda monster that CNN has become.

CNN founder Ted Turner criticized the network he started during an interview that is set to air on Sunday, saying that it is not balanced and is too political.

Appearing on “CBS Sunday Morning” with host Ted Koppel, Turner indicated that while he does not watch CNN much anymore and does not want to criticize, he does not agree with the direction in which the left-wing network is going. “I think they’re stickin’ with politics a little too much,” Turner said. “They’d do better to have — a more balanced — agenda.”

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Watching CNN is now like listening to Josef Goebbels’ propaganda diatribes from Berlin in the 1930s. There is no pretense of unbiased journalism standards, and facts if they exist are only reported when they are twisted to serve the propaganda diatribe of overthrowing the Trump government by any means. Whatever does not suit their scripted propaganda themes simply is not reported at all (like great economic and law enforcement news!).


I’ve been watching CNN-I for the past several weeks while overseas. It’s all about impeachment and a piling on of every anti-Trump accusation made over the past two years in order to influence public opinion accordingly. These people are completely disgraceful, and they are corrupting the paltry viewership they have around the world. It’s amazing to watch the personal insults against the President that these foreign commentators relate non-stop! I have yet to see a SINGLE pro-Trump comment in all the minutes that I’ve forced myself to watch.

Given what Project Veritas has exposed about CNN’s Jeff Zucker and his blind animosity toward President Trump, IT IS OBVIOUSLY ONE BIG CENTRALLY-COORDINATED PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN!!! So ask yourself who is coordinating this 24/7/365 hate speech and sedition trying to bring down our government? Soros? The Clintons? Obama and his “non-profit” Organization for America? You’d probably be correct in naming all of these. Trump unfortunately is right when he states that the leftist media are “the enemy of the people.” It is shameful and incomprehensible what the Democrats and their paid legacy media acolytes have become; they are trying to take down and destroy America, just so they can take one-party state totalitarian control of the ruins and ashes afterward.

America has never been at greater danger, and it’s not from Russia, China, ISIS, or Al Qaida – but from the Democrats internally, including those in the legacy media like CNN-International. Fortunately, many Americans have awakened to that fact through what we have seen exposed over the past two-plus years. I pray that a majority of the American people realize this and will act against them by voting straight RED in 2020.


Ok, there are also too many corrupt Republicans in government (think Mitt Romney for starters), but at least they do not threaten to extinguish forever the constitutional freedoms and balances of the Republic the way that this new breed of Democrat socialists and communists do!

The greatest danger is inherent in the power the Democrats have to brainwash at least half of the American people by the legacy media, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and the hopelessly radicalized leftist social sciences at a majority of state and private universities all over the country. America is close to a civil war that probably will turn increasingly violent under offensive attacks from the Left across the board on all American institutions that they do not already control. That’s pretty much what Antifa is all about.

Yeah, this strayed a bit off the original topic, but think about this for a second. At least we have some perspective and direct experience in observing and dissecting legacy media and Democrat lies lately. The liars and prevaricators on CNN are easy to spot (it’s virtually all of them). Foreigners don’t generally have our experiences, and that makes propaganda outfits like CNN-I, BBC and Al Jazeera VERY effective in influencing foreign public opinion – and also reinforcing the opinions and policies of foreign elites such as those in the EU. No wonder the legacy media are able to cite foreign polls that reflect a disapproval bias against President Trump.

I’ve railed before that all federal contracts for CNN need to be rescinded, and that CNN be pulled from all US airports and public places because they are no longer a viable news source. They are complete propaganda similar to what Pravda was during the Soviet era. My advice when you travel overseas? Enjoy the sights, and keep the TV off during your trips (or at least avoid CNN-I, BBC, and Al Jazeera)!


The end.


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