On Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch

Obama appointee Yovanovitch is being feted by the legacy media lately, as well as praised by Deep Stater leakers like Fiona Hill (formerly on the NSC staff). Here’s one example:


Fiona Hill, a former top National Security Council expert on Russia, praised ousted U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch during testimony on Monday before the House Intelligence Committee. Fox News has learned that Hill, who is testifying before the committee as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump, had high praise for Yovanovitch during the closed-door session. Yovanovitch, who herself testified before congressional lawmakers last Friday as part of the impeachment probe, was recalled from her ambassadorship in May by Trump.

Read the rest here. Here is the virulently anti-Trump Vanity Fair chiming in with the usual “unnamed sources”:

“Folks were surprised to see a colleague as professional and talented as Masha Yovanovitch asked to leave Ukraine early. But sometimes that happens,” a former high-ranking State Department official told me. “That sentiment became shock, horror, and outrage when the presidential phone call came out.” Pompeo, after all, is tasked with defending U.S. diplomatic interests around the world—a mission that theoretically includes defending his staff from political corruption.

“It is unconscionable that he would have been on the phone while one of his team was being trashed by the president of the United States,” said another former senior State official.“Not that I would have said that he should have interrupted the phone call, but there should have been something said somewhere along the way to support her and her integrity and everything else. He is a Trump quisling. What can I say?”

Read the rest of this political hit-job here. Is it any wonder that these quoted clowns are now “former” State Dept employees? And “former” likely means Obama hacks. These people forget that their jobs are to execute US foreign policy, not undermine it, and serve at the President’s pleasure.


Yovanovitch was nominated for the post of US ambassador to Ukraine in May 2016, not coincidentally right in the middle of the counter-intel investigation on the Trump campaign. She was fired by @POTUS almost three years later to the day. Inquiring minds wonder why. Despite the praise for her from Deep State sources, there is more to her story, including breaking news on what she was doing in Kyiv. First of all, a little pushback is in order courtesy of a trusted source quoted here:

  • I did some research on who this woman is. It appears her father was a Soviet and her mother a German communist. They immigrated to Canada (date unknown) and their daughter was born in Montreal in 1958. In 1961, they moved to Connecticut where she attended elite private schools. They spoke Russian at home. No indications of how her family earned their living. At 18 she became a US citizen and attended Princeton where she majored in Russian history and graduated in 1980. She then moved to Moscow and attended a Soviet language School, but there are no further indications of what she did from 1980-86. She joined the State Dept in 1986. She advanced rapidly.
  • In 2001, after 14 years in the State Department, she attended the National Defense University and received her MA. This is fairly normal, as the State Department sends Foreign Service Officers with 12-16 years of service to school with military officers with 20-24 years of commissioned service. The difference shows and is stark.
  • In 2008, after 22 years in the State Dept, she became the US Ambassador to Armenia (appointed in the final months of the Bush 43 Administration) and served until 2011 (Obama) at which time she became the ambassador to Kyrgyzstan for one year. Both times she appears to have been focused on human rights issues. That makes sense under President Obama’s and Secretary Clinton’s priorities.
  • In 2013, she became the Deputy Commandant of the Eisenhower School at the National Defense University for one year until 2014. From 2014-2016 she was the Dean of the State Department’s Language School.
  • In 2016, she was nominated as the US Ambassador to Ukraine late in the Obama Administration. Her focus was again on human rights and LGBTQ rights.
  • Well over a year ago, Texas Congressman Pete Sessions claimed to have received numerous complaints from fellow congressmen about her open anti-Trump views in the lead-up to the election and subsequently thereafter. She has made financial donations to Democrat candidates but not Republican ones. There are no indications that she is or ever has been married or has a family.
  • The US State Department is the epicenter and founding member of the Deep State. It has, for 80 years, tried to forge its own foreign policy regardless of the direction of the Executive Branch. Hence the need for political appointees to ambassadorships and special envoys. Often, US embassies become the representatives for foreign countries versus the US representatives to the applicable nation.
  • When President Obama ordered US embassies to fly the LGBTQ flag, not one failed to do so. But, when the Trump Administration made embassies request permission to fly it, many just flew it anyway. This is the merest tip of the iceberg. Defiance is their stock in trade.
  • Ambassador Yovanovitch spent her entire career interfering in the internal policies, elections and laws of foreign nations in her push for US human rights political correctness. To assume that a career foreign service officer would not have made negative comments overseas about a Trump victory over her former boss and role model (Clinton) would take a special kind of denial mechanism.

And this – among other things – is EXACTLY what she has denied:

Yovanovitch defended herself against what she called ‘unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives,’ including a rumor that she had handed Ukraine’s top prosecutor a list of people who were not to be charged with crimes. She also dismissed public allegations that she had ‘supposedly told the Embassy team to ignore the President’s orders “since he was going to be impeached”.’ She rejected the contention that she was running interference for Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has claimed in what he has cast as an effort to protect the Bidens and Hillary Clinton while undermining Trump.

Read the rest here. Note that we have to look to the foreign press for the aforementioned denials because those denials might make thoughtful people wonder as to the truth of the accusations, further undermining the Democrats’ bastardization of the real crimes committed in Ukraine. And speaking of crimes committed, it’s likely that Yovanovitch herself committed a few as well. Thankfully, Judicial Watch is on the job yet again:

Judicial Watch is investigating if prominent conservative figures, journalists and persons with ties to President Donald Trump were unlawfully monitored by the State Department in Ukraine at the request of ousted U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee. Yovanovitch testified “in secret” to the House impeachment inquiry against Trump on Friday, October 11, 2019. Her “secret” testimony was leaked to the New York Times during the hearing.

Judicial Watch has obtained information indicating Yovanovitch may have violated laws and government regulations by ordering subordinates to target certain U.S. persons using State Department resources. Yovanovitch reportedly ordered monitoring keyed to the following search terms: Biden, Giuliani, Soros and Yovanovitch. Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the State Department and will continue gathering facts from government sources.


Prior to being recalled as ambassador to Ukraine in the spring Yovanovitch reportedly created a list of individuals who were to be monitored via social media and other means. Ukraine embassy staff made the request to the Washington D.C. headquarters office of the department’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. After several days, Yovanovitch’s staff was informed that the request was illegal and the monitoring either ceased or was concealed via the State Department Global Engagement Center, which has looser restrictions on collecting information.

“This is not an obscure rule, everyone in public diplomacy or public affairs knows they can’t make lists and monitor U.S. citizens unless there is a major national security reason,” according to a senior State Department official. If the illicit operation occurred, it seems to indicate a clear political bias against the president and his supporters.

Read the rest here. That sure seems like Judicial Watch has credible information, doesn’t it? Both her denials to the contrary and also the Deep Staters and Democrats rallying around her in legacy media articles ring pretty hollow, don’t they? It looks like she was fired for cause after all! And if that’s not enough, Tom Fitton subsequently tweeted out a list of those targeted by Yovanovitch. The posse is getting closer!


Finally, there is this from the Wall Street Journal that explains the reasons for her firing, contrary to the denials of her and the Democrats:

President Trump ordered the removal of the ambassador to Ukraine after months of complaints from allies outside the administration, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, that she was undermining him abroad and obstructing efforts to persuade Kyiv to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, according to people familiar with the matter. State Department officials were told this spring that Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal was a priority for the president, a person familiar with the matter said. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo supported the move, an administration official said.

Read the rest here.

To summarize:

  • Yovanovitch – whose parents were Commies – became a career State Dept employee and eventually a US ambassador twice-over, ending up in Kyiv.
  • She was a loyal Democrat operative in service of Obama and the Clintons and looks to have been groomed exactly as a trusted agent to protect Democrat interests (corruption) in Ukraine. She was also unquestionably anti-Trump and acted accordingly.
  • She was fired for cause by @POTUS in May 2019 despite continued frantic attempts by Democrat-controlled media and various Deep Staters to spin that firing otherwise in order to limit their criminal exposure in Ukraine and “get Trump.”
  • She almost certainly requested the illegal monitoring of US citizens from her post in Kyiv in order to support covering up Democrat crimes in Ukraine.

Her story is a work-in-progress and likely won’t end the way the Democrats and their media allies think it will end. How did a woman born to two Communist parents end up as a career US foreign service officer? It is long past time for a reinstitution of loyalty oaths at Foggy Bottom and in every US embassy worldwide, as well as routine polygraphs and tough personnel interviews to ferret out the rats. Oh, and maybe a complete swap-out of US embassy personnel in Kyiv is in order, too!


The end.


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