Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene

  1. Justice Kavanaugh should file a multi-million slander and libel suit against the NYT editorial board, the two authors of the flaming lies book about him, the perp pushing the story behind the scenes, and also CNN and MSNBC. It’s long past time that the legacy media – who have gone off the rails and abrogated their constitutional responsibility – are made to pay severely for publishing innuendos, lies, and defamation.
  2. The Executive Branch should cease ALL cooperation with the House Intelligence Committee as long as Adam Schiff is its chairman. His latest stunt is to threaten to defund the intelligence community (IC) for not providing the complaint by the supposed whistleblower to his committee. The DNI previously ruled that the “whistleblower” complaint did not conform to rules and procedures and would not be released. The complaint pertained to an unverified rumor from a non-participant that was learned second-hand! Let Schiff try and defund the IC, as he has arrogantly threatened. He sure has the national security interest at heart, doesn’t he? He is all anti-Trump politics all the time, as well as a serial leaker to the legacy media. I’m still waiting for his “proof” of Russian collusion that he promised dozens of times on CNN and MSNBC before the Mueller/Weissmann report was published. Someone needs to ask him a direct question or two about Ed Buck, too, and watch his body language!
  3. By the way, that “whistleblower” who supposedly heard whatever during President Trump’s telephone chat with Ukrainian president Volodymir Zelensky perhaps may not actually be a person since the allegation is based on indirect second or third hand pass-down, as has been reported. These persistent leaks in ostensibly secure and encrypted White House diplomatic exchanges since Day 1 of the Trump Administration are very likely because Obama’s cohorts, including Comey and Brennan, thoroughly bugged the White House presidential spaces for electronic surveillance (passive and remotely command-activated to beat TEMPEST counter-surveillance), just as they did Trump Towers in the weeks between the Nov 2016 election. Somebody outside the White House is listening in on pre-encrypted live presidential conversations, and it’s entirely possible that this eavesdropping could have been the source of the “complaint.” Is no one in government at all serious about executing their oaths anymore? Every government official involved in outing a classified presidential discussion with a foreign government official ought to already have had his/her access revoked and be out looking for a job. Not to mention anyone involved in bugging the White House and other areas frequented by POTUS needs to be rooted out and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, especially to include any/all decision-makers who instigated and/or approved the bugging!
  4. Greta Thunberg, that 16-yr-old Swedish girl who’s been screeching insanely about the impending climate change disaster as the poster girl for the internationally coordinated demonstrations this past week, has been seen squired around and closely guarded by members of a Soros Open Society group. Undoubtedly she has received detailed coaching on her public appearances and speeches, just as CNN did for the leftist anti-Trump students of Parkland High School. George and Alex Soros are extremely dangerous and need to be taken down for good. The exploitation of frightened hysterical children by the radical Left in this climate doomsday plot is some of the worst ever seen and will have permanent ill effects on those children – especially after they realize how they were manipulated by cynical radical Marxist globalists. How is this not child exploitation? How disgraceful are Greta Thunberg’s parents (and the rest of them)? The climate activists hide behind kids because their arguments cannot withstand scrutiny! It’s the surest sign that their cause is political – and bunk to boot!
  5. Antifa thugs were preening and parading once again the other day in Portland, this time in support of climate extremists. Except this time, the feds in the person of DHS personnel were there to provide some backbone to the local police when Antifa decided to visit a local ICE facility. It’s about damn time some real arrests were made on these street thugs. We need to see more of a federal response – especially in Portland – as Antifa continue to commit violent acts, obstruct public thoroughfares, and damage public and private property. These people need to be identified, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That we have the equivalent of Ernst Röhm’s Brown Shirts operating freely in the US in the 21st century is a travesty!
  6. The list of American disappointments for the money spent and results obtained goes on and on: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, the War on Terror and Illegal Immigration. Lot of veterans say that if you want to win wars, then start killing civilians and their frickin’ goats – lots of them! Keep killing civilians (who provide logistics support to the enemy) until they publicly announce surrender. And use every military means available to defeat the enemy, holding nothing back! Isn’t that how the US defeated Japan – by dropping atomic bombs on their cities to shorten the war and ultimately save lives?If horrified by my suggestion, well, it takes political courage and military strength to actually WIN a war. I’m sick to death of all the flag-draped coffins that continue to be processed at Dover AFB because we are fighting holding actions overseas, and not to win.
  7. POTUS is supposed to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today to perhaps sign their long-awaited trade deal, which will supposedly be implemented without congressional approval. This deal certainly won’t erase the U.S. trade deficit with Japan, but it will likely ease U.S. trade pressure on Japan given that the agreement will provide somerelief for American farmersahead of next year’s elections. That will further lock up the Midwest states for @POTUS.
  8. And finally, yes, Joe Biden and his outrageously corrupt son should be thoroughly investigated and convicted of corruption in dealing with Ukraine, China, and Georgia – and maybe other countries, too! The evidence already on the public record is overwhelming. Imagine what more will be found that is hidden behind the scenes! The Democrats and legacy media are defending Biden on the Ukraine front because there are other Democrats who were dipping their beaks into Ukraine corruption – and their little tin god Obama knew about it! I have already said that I believe Ukraine will be Biden’s “political Waterloo,” and that he will not even make it to the Democrat convention. His poll numbers are already falling, and Fauxcahontas is reaping the benefits of help from former Shrillary advisors. I actually believe that Biden is just this election cycle’s version of stalking horse for Shrillary, who announced another “listening tour” just the other day. Why would she do this if she’s not planning to swoop in and “save” the Democrat Party from the lackluster Democrat Star Wars bar scene? The Democrats use the same old playbook, and the “stalking horse” is one of their political tactics. Biden is damaged goods, as his Ukraine and China corruption is now becoming more widely known. His purpose was to suck out the oxygen from other Democrat wannabes, none of whom have any real traction or chance of defeating POTUS. When Biden withdraws (either willingly, or is forced because of scandal revelations), watch for Shrillary to be resurrected yet again – either by acclamation or through extortion (the media will make it look like the former). There are still a LOT of Democrats who believe the ridiculous myth that she would have been elected had not @POTUS “stolen” the 2016 election with help from Russia!That’s enough for now. I’m going to watch San Fran Nan, Nadler, Schiff, the insufferable Al Green, Mad Max, and other rabid Democrats fall on their collective swords with their impeachment gambit. It will be hilarious – and gratifying to observe! By the way, the transcript of the POTUS’s conversation with the Ukrainian president has just been released, and it shows NO quid pro quo was discussed regarding Ukraine looking into Biden family dealings there. There’s no basis for impeachment there, Democrats, but I’m certain you’ll keep hatching more schemes!The end.


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