Trump breaks promise: Sweeps Hillary's email scandal under the rug

Donald Trump is quickly proving to be the same kind of lying liar telling lies as the GOP establishment he promised to drain from the swamp. Whenever I provide documented evidence proving this fact, I inevitably hear from the Trump cult that at least he’s better than Hillary—which you must admit is a pretty low bar. Then these Trump loyalists—or, if you’re Ann Coulter, worshipers—will point out how Hillary was corrupt and how she broke the law, as we witnessed from her email scandal.


Lately, when I point out Trump’s lies, the chorus line will level one of their verbal assaults against me to defend the indefensible by asking me to provide evidence of his broken promises, or at least a few examples. They do this because what I provide must be “fake news” since it wasn’t positive about Trump, and it wasn’t reported by “real news” sites like Alex Jones or the Gateway Pundit.

Of course, when I’m faced with this challenge, I’m forced to ask the question, “How much time do you have because there’s plenty of evidence out there?” And the list keeps growing longer with each passing day, as we see in this latest news involving the aforementioned Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

Trump used Hillary’s email scandal during his campaign as a strategy to win votes. He would often lead his minions in chance of “lock her up,” and he promised to prosecute her for her crimes if elected. Just days after the election, Trump pivoted away from his promise to prosecute Hillary, saying that the Clintons are “good people,” and that he didn’t want to “hurt them” by pursuing the matter. A few days later, Kellyanne Conway confirmed that campaign Trump and President Trump aren’t necessarily the same person. In other words, promises made during the campaign are not necessarily promises kept as President.


Now we are learning that Trump’s Department of Justice and the State Department are making an effort to sweep Hillary’s email scandal under the rug. They are doing so by refusing to cooperate in a legal case involving a request made by two conservative groups to see all of Hillary’s emails.

Judicial Watch and Cause of Action took to federal court in Washington, D.C. Monday to argue for the release of further emails to and from Clinton, but Trump’s State and Justice Departments continued to oppose their request.

Justice Department attorney Carol Federighi told Judge James E. Boasberg that the administration’s “principal argument is going to be mootness based on all the developments that have happened since the case was filed,” arguing that the 55,000 pages of emails already released being sufficient.

Trump has broken several YUGE promises since the election, including:


By not prosecuting his good friend Hillary Clinton for high crimes and misdemeanors, Trump has added one more broken promise to the list.

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