Obama's military: Lower standards for women serving in infantry


Phyllis Schlafly, the recently deceased constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, and founder of Eagle Forum once said of feminism: “The feminist movement is just not compatible with happiness. They are not for equality, they just want to kill everything masculine.” Based on recent events in Obama’s socially engineered military, it looks like Phyllis knew exactly what she was talking about.


Obama has already succeeded with the implementation of a slew of pro-LGBT and anti-Christian measures for the armed forces, including:

However, Obama isn’t called America’s gay feminist president for nothing. As the man who once stated that he felt that it was his responsibility to destroy “traditional” gender roles, Obama took his desire to fundamentally transform America to a whole new level by lifting the ban preventing women from serving in infantry units and special ops such as the Navy SEALs and the Green Beret. Back in 2013, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced this change with a promise that the qualifications for women to serve in these roles would not be reduced. Female troops had to meet existing criteria or be rejected.

At the time of the announcement, Colonel Ellen Haring of the US Army Reserves–who had filed a lawsuit challenging the combat exclusion ban–agreed with Panetta’s commitment, saying that women should “compete at the standards as they exist(ed).” But apparently, Colonel Haring has changed her mind. In a textbook display of the entitlement attitude we’ve come to expect from the left, she is now demanding that the standards for serving in the infantry and special ops be lowered for women because they are too hard.


In an opinion piece to the Marine Corps Times, Haring called Marine Corps infantry training “unrealistic,” and concluded her point by asking:

“Where do they get these standards, who validated them, and who can actually meet them?

Well Colonel, the answer is obviously men, and the reason is clear. Men and women, despite what you and your feminist comrades say to the contrary, are different. And thanks to the unknown number of men who met these tough standards, our military has been successful against our enemies for generations.

The disaster that would result from lower standards would be irreparable, which is why social engineering has no place in the military. But that won’t stop Obama and the left from doing it anyway as they advance what is essentially a military version of Affirmative Action for women and LGBT individuals. And make no mistake, America will eventually pay the price.

By the way, what do you think is going to happen the first time a transgendered woman who identifies as a man fails these standards? I think you know the answer.

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