Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Kowtows to the ChiComs and Cancels Scheduled Missile Test

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Thursday, the Biden White House announced that it was canceling a long-scheduled test-firing of a Minuteman ICBM from Vandenburg AFB, CA. This test has been disclosed years in advance. According to the Wall Street Journal, the reason given was to prevent inflaming the hemorrhoids of Chinese President Xi.


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the extended naval presence, John Kirby, a White House spokesman, said at a news briefing. Mr. Austin also ordered the missile-test delay to avoid further inflaming relations with China, Mr. Kirby said. He didn’t respond to a reporter’s question on whether President Biden ordered the delay.

“As China engages in destabilizing military exercises around Taiwan, the United States is demonstrating instead the behavior of a responsible nuclear power by reducing the risks of miscalculation,” Mr. Kirby said.

Because the world always interprets inaction as being responsible and not scared sh**less.

This is the second time this year that Secretary of Defense Austin has ordered a scheduled and announced Minuteman test scrubbed so as not to offend someone. The last time was in early March, and we didn’t want to upset Vladimir Putin as his race to Kiev melted down; see Joe Biden’s Defense Department Cancels a Long-Scheduled Missile Test Because of Offending the Russians They Need for an Iran Nuclear Deal.


Alabama’s Mike Rogers, the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, hit the nail on the head.

Earlier this year, President Biden canceled a long-standing Minuteman III ICBM test as a useless concession to Vladimir Putin. Now, we learn that President Biden has postponed a second ICBM test to placate Xi’s tantrums. This news comes after China conducted live-fire exercises following the Speaker of the House’s visit to Taiwan. These weak-kneed pearl-clutching attempts at appeasement hurt our readiness and will only invite further aggression by our adversaries.

The actions of the Biden White House in the face of challenges from adversaries are nothing less than an open invitation to aggression. When you add to this supine policy of appeasement the violence being done to our Armed Forces by the terminally woke half-wits (sorry to offend all the hardworking, tax-paying half-wits out there) holding court in the Pentagon, we are at the point where a disastrous war may be unavoidable. Assuming that is something Biden’s cronies want.


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