January 6 Committee Has Convinced Most Republicans That They Are Not Investigating an 'Insurrection'

As many of the writers at RedState have noted, the sole purpose of the bizarre clown show that is the January 6 Committee is political warfare. It was designed by the Democrats to try to keep Donald Trump on the ballot for 2022 and 2024. It was a tool the Democrats thought could slander GOP politicians who wouldn’t “condemn” President Trump and his supporters and help them win elections. The corrupt political agenda of this committee was telegraphed from its inception when Nancy Pelosi vetoed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s appointments to the committee because they were not the stump-broke Republicans Pelosi needed. READ: The Sad January 6 Hearings Are Proof the Democrats Are Anxiety-Ridden About the Future.


Things are not working out all that well.

A new Monmouth University poll carries some stark lessons for the work that lies ahead for the House Jan. 6 committee, to the extent that the panel seeks to convince conservative Americans that Trump committed a crime that day. That’s because they increasingly don’t even believe what happened that day — and what they formerly accepted as reality — actually happened.

The poll shows significant reductions in the percentages of Republicans who characterize Jan. 6 not just as an “insurrection” but also a “riot.” And it’s not the first to point in that direction.

The poll asked people in June 2021 and June 2022 whether each of those labels were appropriate descriptors for what transpired on Jan. 6, 2021. And the GOP shifts are pretty uniform:

  • While 33 percent of Republicans said in June 2021 that Jan. 6 was an insurrection, that number is now just 13 percent.
  • While 62 percent of Republicans called it a “riot” back then, that’s down to 45 percent.
  • While 47 percent said it was a “legitimate protest,” that’s now up to 61 percent.

So whereas more Republicans once said it was a “riot” than a “legitimate protest,” by a 15-point margin, that has been flipped, with Republicans favoring the “legitimate protest” label by 16 points. A majority of Republicans no longer even regard Jan. 6 as a “riot.”

This is “red pilling” on a Biblical scale. (I’d just point out that a lot of us arrived at the now-majority position on January 6, 2021.)


The committee has used a notorious liar to push a narrative of an out-of-control President Trump (see Liz Cheney Is Chicken Little, Screaming: ‘Democracy Is Falling!’ (No, It’s Not, Liz) and Journalists Declare January 6 Committee a Fact-Check Project to Avoid Verifying Its ‘Facts’). The woke comic book business has responded by defying her; see D.C. Newspaper Turns DC-Comics — Washington Post Makes Cassidy Hutchinson a Comic Book Heroine. It looks suspiciously like the FBI has been called into action to make bullsh** raids and arrests to make the committee look credible; see Curious How the Department of Justice and FBI Are Trying to Bolster the Failing January 6 Commission, Isn’t It?.

Above all, the committee has yet to address the cold-blooded murder of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt (WARNING. GRAPHIC VIDEO. Ashli Babbitt’s Shooting by Capitol Police Shows No Weapon and No Danger or Threat to the Cop or Anyone Else) and what appears to be the beating death of Roseanne Boyland at the hands of Capitol Police. It has also studiously ignored the role of what appear to be federal provocateurs (Proud Boys Leader Outed as Long Time FBI Snitch and He’s the Tip of the Iceberg) and storm troops (New Information About the Capitol Riot Demolishes the Media Narrative and Asks Questions That Need To Be Answered).

The intellectual vapidity of the committee hearings and the brutality meted out to people who were at the protest, some of whom didn’t enter the Capitol building, has become obvious to all but the most ardent Democrat partisans. I suspect that the Monmouth poll numbers are much more positive for the January 6 committee than the honest opinions of Republican and conservative voters. I also suspect that a similar cratering of belief in the “insurrection” myth could be found among independents.


If the Democrats want to run on January 6 this November, or any November, they are welcome to give it a shot. Any Republican who gives any credence whatsoever to the “insurrection” bullsh** should be repudiated by voters.


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