The Sad January 6 Hearings Are Proof the Democrats Are Anxiety-Ridden About the Future

AP Photo/Joe Maiorana

As I’ve been saying quite a bit recently, the Democrats are desperate. They have very little in the way of goodwill with the majority of the American people. So much so that it was recently reported that over 1 million people have swapped their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Yet, the Democrats don’t seem to be learning their lesson.

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Like a ship going at full speed, it’s too late to change course. They’re going to hit the iceberg no matter what they do, so their only hope is to increase speed and hopefully smash through it. The iceberg in this scenario is the American people who are, more and more, providing a lot of resistance.

The January 6 committee is a huge clue that Democrats have no choice but to do what they can to soften the oncoming blow, and that means making sure former President Donald Trump is stopped from ever running again. As we’ve been covering almost nonstop here on RedState, the January 6 hearings are pure theater meant to distract the people from the utter failure that has been Democrat rule in this nation and make sure that in future elections, Trump won’t be a threat.

The problem is that people have tuned out because, just like RussiaGate, Jan 6 (RussiaGate 2.0) is continued promises of shocking revelations and bombshell witnesses that will destroy Trump’s legacy and forever keep him from the White House.

Nothing ever gets there. In fact, it’s usually just more nonsense that makes us want to tune out even more. The latest in these “bombshell witnesses,” Cassidy Hutchison is another example of just how ridiculous this dog and pony show is. She’s a woman that claims to have heard something from someone else about how Trump did something that he’d be fully incapable of doing, all the while the people who were actually there to see this alleged event weren’t asked to testify despite very openly saying they’d be willing to.

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It doesn’t make any sense unless you view it through the right lens. Having witnesses come up that could dispel the sensationalism of the claim would be counter-intuitive to the narrative the Democrats wish to promote. The narrative, in this case, is that it’s too dangerous for Trump to be in charge again.

It needs to be understood that the January 6 witchhunts aren’t about a concern for something that happened in the past, it’s anxiety about what’s possibly going to happen to Democrats in the future.

Trump was one of the greatest turning points in the history of the Republican Party. After years of being passive, flat, and just as regressive as Democrats, Trump was a moment when the Republican Party really started to demonstrate that it had fighters within it willing to defy the status quo. Trump was the moment the Republican Party showed that it had real teeth when it wanted to bare them. It was the first time the mainstream media really began to take loss after loss.

They can’t have that again, so they will do everything and anything to prevent Trump from coming back and doing further damage to the established control it took the left decades and decades to build up. In four years, Trump helped undo a ton of damage, and that’s not something they can ever forgive him for.

If they’re willing to throw the testimony of a woman who heard a story from another person, then it shows the desperation they feel and the lengths they’ll go to stop their bleeding. The issue is that it’s only making them bleed more.


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