Mysterious Ammunition Dump Explosion Rocks Russia and Did Ukraine Nearly Kill Russia's Top Military Officer?

(50 miles )

The Russian ammunition dump in Tomorovka, Russia, was wracked by explosions on Sunday morning. Tomorovka is just west of Belgorod and barely 40 miles north of the Ukrainian strongpoint city of Kharkiv. This ammunition dump would be critical to sustaining the Russian offensive in Donbas. There is no claim of responsibility, so it might be another of those mysterious fires plaguing Russian strategic installations and those installations supporting the Donbas operation. Video of the explosion and aftermath are posted below.


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Saturday, the headquarters of the Russian Second Army, seeking to break out of their salient at Izium, was devasted by a Ukrainian rocket barrage. The video of that event is available below.


The headquarters was located by using Electronics Intelligence (ELINT), and, ironically, among those reported dead was Major General Andrei Simonov. He commanded electronic warfare troops for the Donbas offensive.

With the volume and accuracy of the rocket barrage, it is safe to assume that many lower-ranking but more critical staff officers and technicians were killed and valuable equipment, documents, and records destroyed.

There is an interesting twist to the command post story. Friday, I posted Russian Army in Ukraine Undergoing Major Command Shake-Up, Sources Say. The essence of that story was that Putin, allegedly, is pulling away from domestic policy to devote 100% of his magnificent brain to the war he provoked. Also, the head of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, had been ordered to take over direct command of the war in Ukraine.

Multiple reports from multiple sources report that Gerasimov was at that headquarters when it came under attack. He was wounded and needed a new pair of trousers before he could be spirited away to Moscow.


The destruction of the command post will throw any top-down organization like the Russian Army into confusion and lethargy. If Gerasimov was there, you could bet the Second Army commander was at his elbow and was also hors de combat. Anything the Russian Army wanted to accomplish over the next three-to-five days will probably not happen until a new commander, and new staff can be ordered to the scene and brought up to date.

If Gerasimov was wounded, then it presents Putin with a very interesting public relations problem. A general getting blown up in his command post because of craptacular signals and electronics discipline is hard to make into a hero.



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