Joe Biden Calls Texas and Mississippi Removing Mask Mandates 'Neanderthal,' but His Fear of What Is Next Is the Real Story

Yesterday, Texas and Mississippi announced they’d had enough of the CDC-recommended precautions to stop the spread of the China virus. We are now nearly a year into “fourteen days to flatten the curve” and “thirty days to stop the spread,” and, needless to say, none of the wishcasting by the brainiacs at CDC have had any measurable impact. In fact, the data indicates quite the opposite. Mississippi bought into the entire draconian scheme and has one of the highest death rates in the nation. Texas has blown off nearly all the restrictions on civil liberties and is right at the national average in Wuhan virus death rate.

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A little earlier today, in one of his rare appearances without being under the close supervision of Frau Doktor Professor Doktor Jill Doktor Biden (did I get the titles right?), Joe Biden let fly at governors who had the temerity to examine the data and make a decision based upon that data.

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I think it’s a big mistake. Look, I hope everybody’s realized by now, these masks make a difference. We are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way in which we’re able to get vaccines in people’s arms. The last thing — the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime, everything’s fine, take off your mask, forget it. It still matters.

Read my colleague Sister Toldjah’s coverage of the whole press conference at Biden and Psaki Are Asked About Texas Lifting Mask Mandate, They Bomb Their Answers Big Time (Watch),

A couple of things are at play here.

Biden is a pus… ah, um, a very, very weak and vacillating simulacrum of a man. One of his first orders was that the nation observe a mask mandate for his first 100 days in office. Two Republican governors getting rid of masks barely 60 days on doesn’t make him look any stronger than the demented gerbil he is. He’s also concerned that Texas and Mississippi are just the leading edge of a full-bore revolt against the bureaucratic gibberish distributed by CDC and the public health nazis.


“I’ve asked the country to wear masks for my first 100 days in office,” he said in a speech to address the pandemic. “Now is not the time to let our guard down. People’s lives are at stake.”

A senior administration health official told POLITICO that the White House believed the Texas and Mississippi announcements — posted on Twitter within 30 minutes of each other — were a “coordinated effort” by Republican governors, and that it expected to see similar announcements in the coming days.

At least he didn’t invoke Cornpop or say “c’mon, man,” but I don’t know what he hoped to accomplish. He’s tried to act tough in the past by threatening Florida with what amounts to a federal blockade, see Joe Biden’s Threat to Restrict Travel to Florida Is Stupid, Illegal and Counterproductive but That Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Do It, and nothing came of it. Going from threats to name-calling isn’t something that any man who doesn’t work for The Daily Beast would do. What’s he going to do next time? Cry?

All eyes will be on Texas and Mississippi for the next thirty days. If the number of ICU cases and deaths, the two metrics that can’t be faked or easily manipulated, don’t skyrocket to New-York-like levels, you can stick a fork in the Wuhan virus restrictions for most of the country. What is more, this crap can’t be pulled again based on some new bug because, hopefully, we’ve learned our lesson.



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