If You Think Marjorie Taylor Greene's Expulsion From House Committees Is the End You Are Sadly Mistaken

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Yesterday, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was stripped of her committee assignments by vengeful Democrats and with the connivance of eleven quisling Republicans:


– M. Diaz-Balart (FL)
– B. Fitzpatrick (PA)
– C. Gimenez (FL)
– J. Katko (NY)
– Y. Kim (CA)
– A. Kinzinger (IL)
– N. Malliotakis (NY)
– C. Jacobs (NY)
– M. Salazar (FL)
– C. Smith (NJ)
– F. Upton (MI)

Her expulsion was demanded and cheered on by the same voices on the right that supported Joe Biden for president because President Trump was just too much for their tender sensibilities. To be clear, Taylor Greene was targeted for punishment because she is an actual Trump supporter and there is a slim chance that she can be coopted by the DC power structure. The betrayal of a colleague by these eleven creatures did not affect the vote but they did add a “bipartisan” stench to the whole affair. By casting their votes they prevented the vote from being what it was, partisan scalp-taking, and made it seem as though they acted from principle and not cravenness.

There are those who sniff about Taylor Greene espousing weird conspiracy theories and that alone should disqualify her from being able to represent her constituents in a pristine and proper GOP manner. These are, perhaps predictably, the same clowns who bought into the Steele Dossier and the Russia Hoax and have yet to make any effort to apologize.


These are the facts to consider.

Within days, if not hours, failed bartender, high school science fair prize winner and documented liar, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was demanding that Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley resign over what she claimed was their role in an attempt to kill her on January 6.

As it turned out. Ocasio-Cortez was nowhere near the riot and at no time in any danger but that hasn’t kept her from still pushing that completely debunked claim and taking the lead in the House Democrats Primal Scream/Diaper Changing  session last night AOC Leads House Floor ‘Group Therapy Session’ About Jan. 6, Cori Bush’s Response Is Something Else.


Why? Because Nancy Pelosi has called her Republican colleagues, except, presumably, the 18 lickspittles that voted with the Democrats on impeachment and stripping Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, the “enemies within.” Three GOP representatives, Mo Brooks (AL), Andy Biggs (AZ) and Paul Gosar (AZ) have been accused, without any more substantial proof that the statement of the noxious convicted felon and noted grifter Ali Alexander or Ali Akbar or whatever is on his PayPal account this week, of actively collaborated with the riot in the Capitol.

If you can’t and won’t defend Taylor Greene from absurd accusations, the worst of which amounted to “she made my uh-huh hurt,” there is no way you can or will go to bat for colleagues accused of complicity in a riot that resulted in severe trauma to at least two Democrats who were not even in the building, see Rashida Tlaib’s Tearful Account of the Capitol Riot That She Wasn’t Anywhere Near. Why do you think they are doing this replay of Jake Tapper’s odious townhall after the Parkland school shooting right now?


There is going to be a move by Pelosi and her allies to strip more Republicans of their committee memberships based on their unworthiness. They are not doing it to influence legislation as committee assignments are simply an opportunity to bloviate. They are doing it because they are seeking to “otherize” the GOP before 2022. They are attempting, with the aid of the quisling wing of the GOP, to paint the Republican caucus as dangerous and deranged and make supporting them a dangerous personal and professional proposition.

You haven’t seen the last of this nonsense. In fact, it is just getting ready to start.


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