The Democrats and the Deep State Won't Be Content With a Biden Presidency, They Are Going to Punish President Trump's Supporters

The other night, Tucker Carlson discussed the ongoing campaign of otherization directed against Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Upfront, I’ll say that I’m afraid I have to disagree with some of the outrance things that she has said. I’ll also say that it is not my role to enforce the kind of false and petty purity tests on Republican officials that saw the worst of the establishment GOP types at National Review and The Dispatch and other places willingly hand the nation over to Joe Biden because Donald Trump offended their tender sensibilities and sent mean tweets. (READ Republicans Need to Stop Falling for Media’s ‘Condemn the Politician’ Games). Furthermore, when the Democrats decide to purge their ranks of raging, slobbering anti-Semites and some of the most vile racists to appear in public life in the last 20 years (yes, if you hate people based on their race, you are a racist, I don’t care what your Critical Race Theory consultant has to say on the subject), then I’ll be a lot more concerned about what people on my side are doing.


What caught my attention was this:

So, there’s no more Donald Trump, that means you get to be Donald Trump now.

(my apologies, this is the second video of this episode that has disappeared since I started drafting this post, trust me on the quote)

That catches the essence of where we are right now.

Now that Donald Trump is no longer president, the Democrats and the quisling Republicans who opposed him have set their sights on banishing Trump supporters from society. How many articles have you read about the need to purge Trump’s influence from the GOP before the party can get back to the grift it was running before 2016, back when Happy Loser Syndrome was at epidemic levels in the GOP…remember back when we were told that Scott Walker and JEB!!! were the solution?

And so we are treated to the spectacle of people who opposed the last Republican president and supported the current Democrat declaring how the Republicans must go about winning (my suggestion is “vote tor the Republican,” but I guess that’s no longer good enough.) You end up with pompous twits generating stuff like this:

“We on the right” who haven’t done anything worth considering since the Reagan administration need to tell the folks who elected a president that brought unprecedented prosperity to America, literal peace to the Middle East, made us energy independent, and didn’t start a war with anyone how the real professionals do things. Hard pass.


You get this gem from NRO’s Kevin Willaimson about Trump and his supporters Witless Ape Rides Helicopter. (Be sure to read Mike Ford’s responses to Williamson Opinion: Great Move NRO; You Just Insulted 75 MILLION Americans and Opinion: I Am Cletus.

Note to Andy McCarthy: you might consider finding a better room to hang out in.

I posted earlier today about the rather obvious indicators that the FBI, and quite possibly the Intelligence Community, have dusted off the tactics we thought were discredited and outlawed and are using them against groups who are not willing to go along with the “adults in the room.” READ: The FBI’s Campaign Against Some Rightwing Groups Looks Exactly Like J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO Scandal.

But it isn’t just organizations that you probably wouldn’t join and may think distasteful. It is how you are treated in court. Keep in mind that a privileged douchenozzle falsified a memo that put Carter Page’s entire life under government surveillance. The purpose was to use a fraudulently obtained warrant to eavesdrop upon other members of the Trump campaign and transition team. He gets probation. READ: BREAKING: FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Sentenced to Probation for Creating False Email Connected to Carter Page FISA Warrant. By way of comparison, George Papadopoulos confuses the date he joined the Trump campaign with the date that he was asked to join the campaign, and he goes to jail. And while the decision can be explained, once we accept that presenting falsified documents to a court to gain approval for the most intrusive surveillance possible is no big deal (see About The Clinesmith Sentencing — Color Me “Not Shocked”), we are left with this:


He’s charged with a misdemeanor. Yet he is denied bail because of a Facebook post that said: “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” (this is the “threat of violence”), and he refuses to acknowledge Joe Biden won.

Or how about this? Four years ago, some guy created social media memes encouraging Democrats in Florida to vote by text. He is facing nearly a decade in prison. See: About Wild Thing’s (Ricky Vaughn) Involvement in a Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Memes — “You Want to File What?”.

You don’t even have to break the law or be a member of a suspect group. Some school staff in Jefferson County, WV, were threatened with termination because they attended the Trump rally on January 6 (see Fascism Strikes in Pro-Trump County as School Superintendent Moves to Fire Teachers and Employees Who Attended Trump Rally); a teacher in Pennsylvania remains on suspension for merely attending.

A new inflection point was introduced yesterday (see Who’s Running the Asylum? House Democrat Urges Biden to Declare ‘White Supremacy’ a ‘National Security Threat’). We’ve all been around long enough to know what that means. Any conservative group is, by definition, a bastion of white supremacy and, quite probably, patriarchy and cisgenderism as well. This defining anyone the left doesn’t like as a national security threat will inevitably result in social…or religious…gatherings being labeled as “white supremacist” gatherings if they have the wrong politics.


There is no doubt that freedom of speech, religion, and association will come under heavy political pressure as the left and the Vichy wing of the GOP team up to try to make sure that the people who supported Trump are forced from politics by hook or by crook just like how Trump was forced from office. They are fearful and vengeful. They saw the damage that could be done to their cozy little lives in just four years by a man who was assailed by the media and Deep State every day. They know you are the ones who put him in the White House, and even though President Trump may be out of office, you are still a danger, and they won’t stop until you are neutralized.



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