Help Us Take on the Tech Oligarchs and Their Puppet Joe Biden

Help Us Take on the Tech Oligarchs and Their Puppet Joe Biden
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RedState has just closed the books of 2020. As wild as the trip was, it was the highest traffic year in the history of the site, and, likewise, December was our best December on record. To put things in perspective, our traffic was nearly 280% of what we experienced in the 2016 election year. We want to thank all of our readers for making this possible.

The election results were obviously not what we had hoped for, and shortly afterward, many of our worst fears started to be realized. President Trump had both his Twitter and Facebook accounts suspended. Parler was forced from the Apple and Google app stores and then shut down, only reopening yesterday. The gun-rights site,, had its domain name suspended by its hosting service, GoDaddy. The email service, MailChimp, has suspended accounts supporting election integrity and gun rights. Shopify has refused to carry Trump-brand merchandise, and the credit card processor, Stripe, will not permit money to be sent to the Trump campaign accounts.

While we are highly concerned about the tech oligarchs blatantly going after President Trump and conservatives, there are even more grim signs on the horizon. Dozens of corporations have announced they have suspended campaign contributions to Republicans who challenged the election results from a few states over their epic failure to follow their own laws and procedures. Lowe’s Hotel chain has canceled a fundraiser by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

It seems probable that the left, emboldened by a Biden administration, will become ever more aggressive in its efforts to limit the terms and conditions of the political conversation.

But we can’t just sit here and quiver. We will relentlessly expose the Biden administration for what it is and what it is doing to America. We will continue to provide you with the hard-hitting, conservative-focused coverage that will never let us be mistaken for a GOP establishment outlet.

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