Pathetic NeverTrump Republican David Frum Pretends to Be Astonished That Joe Biden Is a Democrat

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In a move that is absolutely a shock to no one, Joe Biden is promising illegal immigration pimps and advocacy groups that he will guarantee a pathway to citizenship for about 11 million illegals who are currently in the United States. My colleague Jeff Charles has the big picture in Biden To Announce Major Immigration Legislation On First Day In Office.


According to Politico, a much broader sweep is in the works:

On Thursday, Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, policy advisers and three Latino Cabinet nominees met with advocates to outline the president-elect’s immigration, coronavirus and economic agendas.

Hector Sanchez Barba, head of Mi Familia Vota, who has criticized Biden on immigration policy in the past, wouldn’t share specific details discussed in the private meeting. Still, he said, Biden’s plan “is the most aggressive agenda that I have seen on immigration reform from day one — not only the legislative package, but also executive orders.”

In the meeting, Susan Rice, who will lead Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, was adamant that the incoming administration wasn’t about to introduce comprehensive immigration reform to simply let it sit on a shelf, said Jess Morales Rocketto, executive director of Care in Action.

“We were totally floored by the immigration plan and the level of clarity,” she said.

Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said Biden’s team told attendees of the meeting the bill would give 11 million undocumented immigrants a pathway for citizenship, with an eight-year wait as a permanent resident. Biden also plans an executive order instituting a “four-year extension” of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.


In addition to Biden’s plan, it will be augmented by demands from Biden allies who will be shaping the bill in committee hearings…assuming they even go in for such a genteel, if arcane, procedure. These are people Biden will not be able to resist even if he were conscious and not muttering “pudding” and wandering around in briefs that have been put on backwards.

Meanwhile, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), backed by more than a dozen labor and immigrant rights groups, said he is planning to introduce legislation allowing undocumented essential workers to apply for permanent resident status. Under the bill, those workers would be eligible to apply for citizenship in five years. In a press call on Friday, incoming Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) said undocumented immigrants on the frontlines “deserve not just Covid protections and labor protections but the security of a pathway to citizenship.”

As I said, this is a shock to no one. This is Democrat policy for at least 40 years. The idea is simple. You import an underclass…low skill/no skill people who can’t function in English…you create barriers to assimilation (let’s call this “multiculturalism” which was such a proven success in Yugoslavia) to ensure they stay captive, you propagate a public eduction system that virtually ensures the offspring of these unfortunates are no better off than they are, and you make them utterly and totally dependent upon government largess for all their basic needs. Finally, you seed these communities with political operatives who ensure party loyalty.


The only thing this is adding is an easy route to US citizenship for illegals and thereby create a magnet for even more people to cross into the US illegally and wait on the inevitable next round of amnesty and citizenship.

Some, however, were dismayed.

Really? You didn’t see this comnng? Even after no secret was made of it during the campaign?

For four years, David Frum has been unrelenting in his over-the-top, insane version of NeverTrumpism. He was on the leading edge of the Russia Hoax. His disdain of what Trump accomplished, particularly in stopping the onslaught of illegal immigration that was creating a helot class of workers with no affinity for or attachment to the United States and a permanently under-employed class of American citizens who found economic opportunities closed to them because of illegals, continued up until, at least yesterday:


My colleague Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media makes this observation about the VichyCons like Frum:

Republicans aren’t like that, and a lot of that has to do with — you guessed it — the media. Democrats get love from the media no matter what they do. Not so much with the Republicans, of course. The weaker among us are tempted by occasional flashes of attention from the media. There’s a formula to getting the attention: all they have to do is side with the Democrats.

The Republicans who like to go begging for favor from the mainstream media will always tell you that they’re driven by conscience and deep principles.

That, my friends, is a trainload of hooey.

They’re pathetic emotional midgets who are desperate for attention. If they became full-time Democrats, they’d just be one in a big crowd. If they remain Republican, they’ve got an easy, albeit brief, attention fix. Whenever their fellow Republicans need them, all they have to do is slip a shiv in their backs and they get a pure hit of New York Times love for a few days.

We can never forget these people. They sold out their nation for media attention and for the approval of people who openly mock the high-sounding principles Frum and his ilk claim to adhere to. No matter how tough things get, never forget these people gave you a Democrat House in 2018, they stymied President Trump’s agenda at every turn, the spread calumnies about President Trump’s supporters, and they helped put Joe Biden in the White House.



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