WARNING. GRAPHIC VIDEO. Ashli Babbitt's Shooting by Capitol Police Shows No Weapon and No Danger or Threat to the Cop or Anyone Else

Yesterday a 34-year-old US Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol Hill police during the course of the demonstration in the US Capitol. To some on the left, she’s a terrorist. In fact, some of the folks that have made a cottage industry out of decrying police violence find that they can get behind the shooting of a white woman who is a conservative and Trump supporter:


Some on the right got their Xi on and called for more peaceful American citizens to be gunned down.

Two of my colleagues have hit this story, please read them for background: New Video of Shooting In Capitol Shows What Happened, Tucker Carlson Responds to Shooting and Woman Shot in the Neck at Capitol, Violence Escalates (WARNING: Graphic Video).

What you’re going to see below are two extensive and graphic videos of the shooting of an unarmed American.


The second gives an up-close version. The whole video is here,

The Twitter version is below.

I don’t pretend to be a “deadly force” expert but here are some key points that call into question whether this was justified (it doesn’t look to be), a panicked action by what is essentially a rent-a-cop, or a cold-blooded execution to send a message. By the time of the shooting, the Capitol was both under “lockdown” and all members and staff evacuated. In short, there are no people to defend in the building. The protesters are not armed. The police officer shoots through a locked door. There is what looks like a SWAT team — I count at least six — behind the handful of protesters beating on the locked doors as you can see by this screen capture from the second video.


The very fact that the protesters seem to be unarmed and outnumbered by heavily armed police…police who are intermixed with the protesters and showing no signs of fear or concern for their own safety…leads the untrained observer to ask what the hell caused the shooting.

If the actions of a drug-addled felon named George Floyd were enough to set the nation ablaze, then those claiming that the folks demonstrating in the Capitol are no different than Antifa need to take a deep breath and get back in touch with reality when the same thing does not happen over this seemingly unjustified killing.


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