Woman Shot in the Neck at Capitol, Violence Escalates (WARNING: Graphic Video)

Elijah Schaeffer/ The Blaze

The violence at the Capitol has escalated. There are reports of shots being fired. Now, a new video has emerged showing a woman being wheeled out on a gurney, seriously injured.

We have confirmation that she was shot.

Today, conservatives, as unfair as it is because these nut jobs at the Capitol don’t represent even a fraction of the movement, have suffered a huge blow. This outburst of violence will be used against the right for generations. It’ll be immortalized in the history books as proof conservatism is bad. None of this was necessary, nor is it going to accomplish anything. Trump should have been on TV to call for this to stop (not just Twitter) an hour ago.

There will be a lot of videos coming out of the Capitol over the next few hours as the rioting continues. Given that, I won’t try to squeeze 400 words into every article. We’ll keep you updated.

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