Jewish Community Holds Massive Funeral for Leader and Dares New York's Che Guevara to Do Anything

Jewish Community Holds Massive Funeral for Leader and Dares New York's Che Guevara to Do Anything
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There are many tragedies brought on this nation by this so-called pandemic and by the utterly fascistic response to the virus by Democrat governors and mayors.

The stupid and ineffective lockdown orders have resulted in skyrocketing rates of suicide. People struggling with mental illness and alcoholism, and drug abuse lost the community support systems they relied upon to manage their burdens. People with active cases of the virus were intentionally inserted into nursing homes resulting in such carnage that one can hardly believe it was not an intentional effort. People in hospice were forced to die alone because of the fear that a visitor might bring the virus. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of Americans have suffered premature death or permanent disability from heart attacks and strokes because they didn’t go to an emergency room in time due to being lied to about the actual risk factor of the virus. We will never have a clear accounting of the social cost of businesses shuttered, family finances shattered, young men and women being forced to abandon their education, and children having their education made into a shambles by the ersatz #FakeSchool of “remote learning.”

The greatest tragedy, though, has been the erosion of basic constitutional rights. We’ve chronicled repeatedly here at RedState the efforts of several governors to use the alleged public health emergency to insinuate the government and government informers into the most private recesses of our lives for the claimed reason to protect us from a virus with about a 99.97% survival rate and which produces no symptoms in most people infected with it. It is abusive enough to try to prevent family gatherings, to encourage children to inform authorities about family holiday activities, to limit gatherings in private homes, and to attempt to shutter churches when they are needed most.

Nothing exceeds the brutal inhumanity of the war declared by some Democrat official on Jewish funerals.

New Jersey April 2020

For the fourth time in as many days, Lakewood police broke up a prohibited event and filed criminal charges — this time, when as many as 70 people gathered for a funeral and refused to disperse.

NYC April 28, 2020

NYC April 30, 2020

The whole Kristrallnacht can’t be missed.

Things may have reached a point, though, where the actions of the de Blasio junta have become so odious that the NYPD can’t stomach following the orders they’ve been given.

In pleas before the event, Mayor de Blasio’s representatives, including Pinny Ringel, the mayor’s liaison to the Orthodox Jewish community, asked the Yetev Lev D’Satmar temple at 152 Rodney St. to hold the funeral more safely outside, or at least require that everyone wear masks. The Satmar sect leaders refused, agreeing only to announce that masks were available at the door, sources revealed.

When officials threatened to shut down the funeral, the synagogue leaders dared them to do so, saying in essence: “Go ahead, make a spectacle,” a source said.

“They asked the synagogue to at least make sure to keep the press out so authorities aren’t embarrassed,” said a person with knowledge of the alleged cover-up conversations.

The city did nothing to halt or break up the potential super-spreader event, which drew an estimated 5,000 mostly maskless mourners, according to witnesses.

We need to see more of this. Direct, in-your-face, f***-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on actions that put those officials with fascistic tendencies in the position of giving an order they know may be disobeyed, having the order carried out that will be horrifying to the conscience of most people who see it, or stand by and do nothing and beg for the people they are oppressing to help them save face.

With churches, businesses, and some entire towns rebelling against these unconscionable demands, one can hope it won’t be long until the people trying to enforce them will wise up and stop this nonsense and let us all get back to our lives.

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