Media Laughing at This Trump Tweet Discover Irony Is a Harsh Mistress

The battle for the White House is still going hammer-and-tongs even though we are less than a week from the Electoral College meeting. Because of the slipshod and illegal way several states ran their elections, we will never know with finality who actually won the vote no matter what the Electoral College decides. Despite facing an uphill battle, President Trump is fighting the fight with the focus and energy that we would expect of anyone except a Republican politician. Just a short while ago, he set this tweet.


Of course, our fearless firefighters were on the job

Yes, Kennedy did win in 1960. But how did he do this? While we will never know with mathematical certainty, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that he won by using Richard Daly’s Chicago machine, perhaps working with the mafia family of Sam Giancana, to produce enough votes for him to win Illinois by just over 8,000 votes. By “produce,” I don’t mean get vans to and busses to drive the old folks to the polls. I mean straight up manufacturing votes where none existed.


Saying that Kennedy won while losing Florida and Ohio, doesn’t make President Trump look bad. It makes his case and it makes you look like a flaming dork.

So, yeah, it always fun to bust on a presidential tweet (I’m sure they will do that for Joe Biden, too, because, as we know, the media don’t take sides or show favorites), but if you are going to do it you should at least have enough intelligence and knowledge to understand what you are doing. But this is the media we are talking about and so that is never going to happen.




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