Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson Snivels That Free People Have No Business Protesting At Her House

AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File

It is no secret that the contrived Wuhan virus crisis (to be clear, I’m calling the crisis contrived, not the virus itself) has given a chance for a lot of our governors to release their inner fascist and impose all manner of stupid, counterproductive, and illegal restrictions upon their serfs. There is no doubt that Michigan’s Gretchen (if I were writing the script for this, I would have gone for Helga or something, but Gretchen is the right ethnic given name to go with her policies) Whitmer is among the worst offenders for arbitrary rules, mindless application of those rules, and personal hypocrisy in obeying her own rules.

Her regime has been so unreasoningly capricious that it has been the subject of several mass protests:

And free people give politicians and the press a case of the willies.

So to say that Whitmer has sacrificed any goodwill she may have had with the citizenry is an understatement.

Now Michigan is in the throes of a  fight over its electoral votes. There was very obvious incompetence, if not outright criminality, in the conduct of Michigan’s elections. As usual, there were precincts in Detroit where more votes were cast than there were registered voters. The Democrat establishment is determined to stop any examination of the voting process and refuses to admit that a problem exists. To that end, they are stymieing all efforts to examine the votes.

To retain power, any would-be gauleiter (or, more properly, gauleiterin) needs, obedient functionaries to, as they say, make the trains run on time. These are the people disgraced less-than-1/1024-American-Indian “scholar” Ward Churchill might call “little Eichmanns.” In Michigan, the prime henchman for Whitmer in fixing this election is Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Benson is a hardcore leftists agitator with a very checkered past. She was on the board of the smear machine known as the Southern Poverty Law Center and her tenure was characterized by sexual harassment and racism scandals that resulted in her Wikipedia entry being scrubbed of reference to that part of her career.

READ: Prominent SPLC Board Member Vanishes from Website Amid Racism, Sexism Scandal.

Saturday evening, about two dozen protesters gathered outside Benson’s house to protest her complicity in the ongoing coverup.

Benson threw a tantrum, as leftists are prone to do when confronted by citizens.

If you read the comments here, you’ll see that the left believes that their people must be left alone and to challenge them is “sedition.”

Just a couple of thoughts here.

The right of a free people to peacefully assemble and to petition their elected officials for redress of grievances is in, so I’m told, one of those Bill of Rights thingies. The fact that you don’t like it and are discomfited by it is a feature, not a bug of the process. The video evidence indicates the protest did not threaten Benson, her home was not assaulted, no damage was done to her property. In fact, you don’t hear either obscenities or “graphic’ threats on the video leading one to have doubts that they even exist. Benson didn’t like this because she thinks she should not be accountable to the little people.

Beyond that, I really don’t have the time or energy to care what happens to Benson. We’ve seen Trump administration officials hounded from restaurants, we’ve seen right-wing protesters staked and executed in Seattle and Denver. We saw a mob of leftwing thugs attempt to break into Tucker Carlson’s home. We’ve seen the Antifa gerbils beat people on the mere suspicion that they are Trump supporters. It is time for #NewRules. There are only two ways that we break out of the escalating cycle of political violence with its roots in Obama telling his followers, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Either we turn the other cheek and board the boxcars to the camps, or we increase the table stakes until they fold and decide that they really don’t like the game anymore.

Neither alternative is all that attractive, but I know what I’m not going to do.