Thanks to Our Readers for Another Record Breaking Month and a Reminder About 'Giving Tuesday'

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We just closed out November 2020, and it was another record-breaking month. I know you’re probably tired of hearing that by now. October was a record-breaking month. September was a record-breaking month. August was a record-breaking month. In fact, the past twelve months have been the top twelve months in site history. While the election certainly drove our performance this month, it was not the reason for it. Any month in the past year was at least twice as productive as November 2016.

There are two reasons for our success:

  • We have a great team, to coin a phrase, “focused like a laser beam” on turning out lots of quality content every single day. We do breaking news, but we also do the analysis that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet because we look beneath the surface murk and tell you what is really going on.
  • We have the best readers in the world. Yes, our stories are noticed and promoted by the famous, like Rush Limbaugh (he read two of our essays, in toto, on his show in the past couple of months), Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Jr., and President Trump himself. But it is you, the readers, and the guests in our comments section that provide the energy that makes this site so special.

None of us knows how the next year will play out. If President Trump loses his challenges to several state vote counts and we are faced with a Joe Biden presidency, we can bet that the same party that unleashed the IRS on conservative groups, targeted gun retailers, and was willing to kill as many Mexican citizens as it took to change gun laws will not leave a lot of safe space for conservative media. The worst sort of swamp creatures that became NeverTrump have seen one grift dry up, and they are looking about for other targets. It isn’t hard to predict that actual, not pretend, conservative media will be a target for their next grift. Already the push is gearing up for the Great Reset (see: John Kerry: ‘Great Reset’ Will Happen). These people are not interested in leaving you alone because unless you are afraid to speak the truth, they cannot win, and they are telling you that they will use the power of the federal government to decide what can and cannot be said. You don’t have to take my word for it; they are willing to tell you upfront what the plan is:

Here are two things I’d like for each of you to do to help us increase our reach and influence to hold the line for America.

  • Read the diaries.

And don’t just read the diaries, comment in the diaries. If you have the time and something to say, contribute to the diaries section. Many of our contributors started out in the diaries; I know I did. There are a limited number of writers on the front page and there is a finite amount of time each of us can devote to writing. If there is something that is of interest to you, create a diary. If I think it’s good, I’ll promote it to the front page. If you think it’s good and want to bring it to my attention, my email address is in my author profile.

I’d especially ask you to give as today falls on “Giving Tuesday,” which is billed as “a global generosity movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world.” Because that is exactly what RedState has been about since its founding. It has been about providing a voice to conservatives to help them select leaders and boost organizations dedicated to protecting and advancing conservative principles like personal responsibility, equality under the law, God-given freedoms, and love of country.

Advertising on political sites is already dicey; if the federal government starts to get indirectly involved in what we say and how we say it, ours will be a very challenging environment. We are already beset by a plague of C student journalism majors who are employed as fact-checkers. Any statement we make on the Wuhan virus, peer-reviewed studies on therapies for the virus, or the election recount has to be carefully calibrated because if you don’t, they shut down your ability to actually reach your audience. It isn’t just Facebook and Twitter. Patreon, GoFundMe, MailChimp, even Visa/Mastercard are imposing political litmus tests on the people using their services.

Joining the VIP program provides you an ad-free experience and access to some unique content on RedState and its sister sites, Townhall, PJMedia, HotAir, and Twitchy. Or you can support only RedState. If you use one of the codes below, you get a discount, and your favorite writer gets a small part of that as a reward. If your favorite writer is not on this list, just email me (see my author profile for the address), and I will ensure you get the code.

Thanks so much for your support, and now we’re getting ready to crush December…


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