Bad News, Republicans, Joe Scarborough Says He Won't Come Back to the GOP Even if We Beg

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Well, I guess this is it. It’s game over for the GOP.

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” said on Wednesday that he would never be a Republican again after the party supported President Trump.

During an appearance on “The View” with his wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski, the former GOP congressman was asked if the party could recover after supporting the president over the last four years.


MORBIDLY OBESE WOMAN: The Republican Party, does it stand any chance of recovering from something like we just went through for the last four years? Can they win somebody like you back?

SCARBOROUGH: They can’t win me back. You can’t that support a president that was talking about creating a Muslim registry. A president who was talking about throwing his political opponent in jail two weeks before the election, who wouldn’t guarantee a peaceful transfer of power, who told Bob Woodward he knew exactly how dangerous this pandemic was and instead lied to the American people over and over again–over 250,000 have died–and they keep making fools of themselves. The Republican Party keeps making fools of themselves by, again, kowtowing to this guy.

So, I don’t know where I go. I’m not sure where you go. I don’t know where Al (wtf??) goes. I mean, we were people who were used to being criticized and called nazis for supporting people like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. I long for those good old days. I don’t go back to the Republican Party. I mean, Donald Trump is a fascist. Donald Trump has behaved like a fascist. If you don’t believe me, just look up the definition. Look at the fact that time and again, the man has called on his supporters to commit acts of violence. Look at the fact that he’s talked about arresting his political opponents, undermining our Constitution, ignoring…saying that Article II of the Constitution gives him unlimited power.

My Republican Party, the Republican Party of my youth, remains silent. I can never go back there. So the question is, do I remain an independent for the rest of my life? Do we have an expanding Democratic Party where Democrats welcome conservatives and welcome suburban voters that helped elect George…Joe Biden this time? I mean, I think that’s the big question.


Wow. A lot to unpack there. And, to a certain extent, with Mika looming over him like a female praying mantis, I was reminded of this old prisoner of war video.

Scarborough’s critique of Trump was pretty much copied from various MSNBC hosts and bears no resemblance to anything in reality. If Donald Trump is a fascist, then Alexander Vindman closing down donut shops in Northern Virginia every night has to make him the worst fascist ever. Robert Mueller is still alive. Hunter Biden is not in prison. Documents vital to understanding the first and second coup attempts against President Trump are still classified. He increased his vote share with Black and Hispanic voters.

The good news is this. We don’t want Joe Scarborough back. We don’t want Bill Kristol or any of the Bulwark grifters back. We don’t want any of the amoral imbeciles of the Lincoln Project back. We don’t want Kevin Williamson and most of the staff of National Review back. We want them to go to their natural home in the Democrat party and work to help them lose elections the same way they helped us lose elections.



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