New York Magazine Art Critic Seems to Advocate Genocide of Republicans

"slow photo day. jerry saltz- center- and roberta smith, who just jumped out of the frame to the right? in front of david zwirner gallery. monday evening." by perke, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

As Townhall colleague Kurt Schlichter has been known to say, never forget they, that is the left, want you dead. This is not hyperbole; it is becoming clearer by the day that the desire to consign roughly half of the nation to reeducation camps or mass graves is so prevalent on the left that when they do, as they say, “say the quiet part out loud,” no one on the left is shocked. There are no calls for toning down rhetoric or disavowals of the proposals.


Just a couple of days ago, a prominent California Democrat said that Republicans needed to undergo “deprogramming.” Presumably, this was to make us think, against all evidence, that socialism is a viable economic theory, that same-sex marriage is normal, and that giving little kids life-altering drugs and surgery to change their sex is good parenting. Read Jen Van Laar’s reporting on this nasty little fascist, DNC Member David Atkins Says His “Deprogramming” Comment Didn’t Really Mean Deprogramming; His History Says Otherwise.

Today we have another instance. Some clown named Jerry Saltz who tells us in his Twitter profile that he is “Senior Art Critic; New York Magazine. 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. Author of NYT Best Seller “How To Be an Artist.” 2-time ASME award winner,” tweeted his proposal for what sounds a lot like genocide.

Saltz took some push back on Twitter, though he did get a lot of support, and eventually he deleted the tweet without any acknowledgment that he’d done so. What a man. This is the pathetic little piece of dung who is threatening to “snuff out,” in his estimation, 70% of the population.


Quite honestly, I find these noxious little pencil-necked pseudo-men puffing up what they imagine a chest looks like and bragging about how they will kill my family and me or confine us to camps to be a bit tiring. I realize they are dangerous because they have influence over Antifa thugs and their fellow travelers, who are, for the most part, unhinged and psychopaths. Look at what happened to Steve Scalise because of Bernie Sanders’s campaign rhetoric. Look at what happened to the Family Research Council because of what the ongoing criminal enterprise called the SPLC said about them. Look at how the mindless violence encouraged by the Biden campaign resulted in murders in Seattle and Denver. The same thing could have happened in Kenosha where a mob, also encouraged by the Biden campaign, set on a 17-year-old kid who fortunately was able to leave a child molester and a wife-beater dead and the world a little bit better. So, I’m well aware that one of these cretins could show up at my house one day.

On the other hand, I’m not afraid of that happening. It either does, or it doesn’t. But if they want to try to push their plans forward to fruition, I’d just as soon they give it a try sooner rather than later. And for the sake of despicable little weasels like Atkins and Saltz, they’d better hope that none of the folks they are threatening with annihilation ever thinks them sufficiently serious to take note of, or they might have some reason to regret their call to violence against people who have done them no harm.




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