CBS Reporter Manufactures Michigan Recount Protest

(AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)

Today, Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey will meet with President Trump at the White House. The subject will be the dog’s breakfast that is the vote counting in Michigan where there were massive issue with process and where some precincts in Wayne County had more votes cast than the number of voters who showed up to vote. (The idiots you read on Twitter claiming that because the overall Wayne county turnout was less than the total number of voters in the county are either stupid (very likely) or trying to deceive you.)


This is the endgame of the Trump strategy contesting the election. The odds of a recount changing the vote was always an uphill battle. The ultimate objective, as we saw at the epic news conference featuring Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, is to use the massive number of voting irregularities to call into question whether we can ever know who got the most votes (I don’t think we can) and move the fight out of realm of the courts and entrenched bureaucrats into the province of state legislators. State legislatures in the contested states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan are under Republican control and state legislatures have a lot of potential power over selecting a slate of delegates.

When the Michigan delegation arrived at Reagan National yesterday they were met by a smallish swarm of media and the usual leftwing goons. This is how CBS News Reporter Stephen Sanchez covered it.

But if you watch the video of the event that Sanchez sends out with his spin, you see something different.

There literally are no “chants.” You can hear one goober shout “certify the vote.” The “respect Michigan voters” seems to be asked by one of the totally non-biased, non-partisan, brave firefighters in the media.


This is the reason no one in their right mind, left or right, trusts anything said by the media.

What the nation confronts is a deadly situation. It is one that threatens the trust Americans have in the electoral process. It is one in which the putative victor’s party all but took out a full-page ad in the New York Times in order to advertise their cheating (read This Isn’t Just the Theft of an Election, This Is a Message to All of Us). A major media newsgatherer manufacturing a story out of whole cloth in order to push his own partisan agenda is the last thing anyone needs right now.


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