Joe Biden Spins a Big Lie About Secretly Feeding ICU Nurses and the Media Silently Nods in Assent

One thing that Joe Biden has been consistently famous for the 40+ years he has done nothing but use his position in government to run a nonstop grift is that he is a pathological fabulist. I won’t call him a liar because I believe that even while Biden was claiming the life story of British Labor politician Neil Kinnock as his own back in 1988, he would have passed any known or imagined lie detector test. Biden is not a liar because Biden internalizes the stories that he comes up with. He believes them. In what remains of his mind, he thinks they really happened.


Today (I guess), Biden was on a recorded Zoom call with some people who were purported to be ICU nurses or something like that. They may have been. I mean, they had the worried look and tongue-clucking down pat.

Nurse: I’m sorry I’m so emotional, it’s just…

Biden: You got me emotional. Look, fat…okay, he didn’t say that. Look, you know, anyone who’s spent significant time in ICU, like I did. Months. Ahhhh….umm…know what I used to do? After I got out, I observed…this is not Covid…but I observed incredible mental strain on nurses in ICU units. And you know what I did? For a long time after I got out when I got I’d drive back and forth to Wilmington, Delaware. I commuted every day. But as vice president what I would do, I would also go back out to Walter Reed on the night shift and I’d bring dinner and food for the nurses and hang out with them.

There are two parts to this, to coin a phrase, malarkey.

First off, Joe Biden did not spend “months” in an ICU. Twice in 1988, in February, and in May, Biden underwent surgery to remove aneurysms from his brain.

On February 12, he was admitted and was released from the hospital on February 23. Some of that time may have been in ICU, but he was sufficiently recovered that he left the hospital in a car with his wife and brother. He was not transported by ambulance. The same is true of his May surgery. He returned to the hospital on May 4. I can’t find coverage of his release, but the article says he will be released in 10 days, which comports with the February story. Current protocols seem to call for a 4-6 day hospital stay after surgery, like Biden had, for a non-ruptured aneurysm. There is no mention of any ICU stay.


So we can say, without fear of contradiction, that Biden did not spend “months” in an ICU. It would be a safe bet that if we could review his medical records that we’d find that he did not spend more than a couple of days, total, in an ICU, if he spent any at all.

The second part of the story doesn’t lend itself to empirical analysis as there is no evidence it ever took place. Biden seems to claim that he commuted daily to Wilmington while vice president. I say “seems” because he’s obviously struggling with dementia and the confused face he gets at this point in the story makes it clear that reality is pretty subjective for him. He didn’t commute as vice president. He lived in the vice president’s quarters on the grounds of the Naval Observatory. For the eight years of the Obama administration, there is not a single story of Joe Biden going to Walter Reed at night and bringing food for the nurses and hanging out with them. It verges on the impossible that this could have happened without someone talking or without a camera crew accompanying Biden. Just remember, Jesus Christ, Himself, ordered people he healed not to tell anyone that He had done so, and they did anyway.

Should the recounts fail and we be faced with a long winter under the misrule and abuse of Joe Biden and whatsername, you’d better get used to this bullsh**. Joe Biden has interjected himself into every key situation and helped make every key decision for the past 47 years without anyone noticing him. If he steals his way into the White House, this behavior is only going to grow more severe as his dementia rapidly progresses under the strain of the office, and no one in the media is going to report on it.




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