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As we head into an election that many, including myself, view as the most significant election since perhaps Carter-Reagan in regards to setting a course for our nation for the next 40 or so years, I just wanted to pause and take stock of were we, RedState, are, and what is coming up next.


First off, you are an amazing audience. I doubt that any other comments section on any site has the width and breadth of experience that I find here. I know I frequently learn things and have my ideas changed a bit (not much because I’m really an “often wrong, never in doubt” type of guy) and sometimes get ideas for posts from the comments. You stuck with us through the dark days of the last election and its aftermath, and, thanks to you, RedState has emerged stronger than ever. The last twelve months have been the top 12 traffic months in RedState history. We’ve set new traffic records in each of the last three months.

We have a dynamite team working here that produces a quantity and quality of content that you’ll have to search long and hard to find its equal. Our material is frequently highlighted by conservative senators and members of Congress who set the agenda and by major conservative media figures. We break stories here, not just blog about them. Ask Katie Hill if she has doubts on that score.

As you’ve noticed, your support has allowed us to do a major upgrade of the behind-the-scenes operations of the site, making writing and managing content much easier. Soon, you’ll see a facelift that will significantly improve your experience.

What happens next largely depends upon what happens on Tuesday and the sh**show that will inevitably follow. We don’t know how much room a proto-fascist Biden-Harris (or, let’s be honest, a Harris) administration will give a non-stump-broke conservative outlet to operate. Under Obama, the IRS was weaponized. There are a lot of signs that the political hitmen that President Trump drove underground are beginning to resurface in anticipation of a Trump loss. Advertising on political sites is already dicey, if the federal government starts to get indirectly involved in what we say and how we say it, ours will be a very challenging environment.


While you’re reading this, think about joining our VIP program. It gives you an ad-free experience and access to some unique content on RedState and its sister sites, Townhall, PJMedia, HotAir, and Twitchy. If you use one of the codes below you get a discount and your favorite writer gets a small part of that as a reward. If your favorite writer is not on this list, just email me (see my author profile for the address) and I will ensure you get the code.


But win or lose, the best coverage of election day and the gruesome stuff that may follow will be found right here on RedState.



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