Chris Cuomo Blames President Trump for Telling Iran About The Proud Boys

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

We have arrived at the point where the left is so desperate to win the presidency that they will literally say anything, no matter how stupid, in an effort to convince people who they obviously believe are very, very stupid (those people would be you and me) that Trump is a racist or whatever.

If you can recall back to the first presidential debate, you’ll remember that the monomaniacal Chris Wallace was fixated on having President Trump denounce white supremacists. Mind you, this was something that he’d done on multiple occasions, but the media, being the dishonest twits that they are, have persisted in pushing the debunked claim that President Trump referred to a small group of white supremacists who were in the clash in Charlottesville, VA, as “good people.” Since the debate, President Trump has again denounced white supremacists and has even expanded his denunciation to include a group that is not white supremacist group but which causes a massive case of the squirts on the part of the left whenever their name is uttered, that would be The Proud Boys.

Move forward to yesterday.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray gave a press briefing that I can only describe as surreal. They officially labeled Russia and Iran as two countries who were actively trying to interfere in our election (they did not mention China, which seems to have bought Joe Biden).

The Iranian effort was apparently a hack in a Proud Boys website that allowed threatening emails to be sent on behalf of that group to a handful of Democrat voters:

The emails were engineered by someone working at the behest of the Iranian government, according to a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the matter’s sensitivity. The operation appeared to exploit a vulnerability in the Proud Boys’ online network.

The messages advised that the group was “in possession of all your information” and instructed voters to change their party registration and cast their ballots for Trump.

“You will vote for Trump on Election Day, or we will come after you,” warned the emails, which by Tuesday night were said to have reached voters in as many as four states, three of them hotly contested swing states in the coming presidential election.

This is in line with the counterintelligence assessment that determined China and Iran were trying to help Biden.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get stranger, Fredo Cuomo said: “hold my beer.”

Our government says, again, Iran is behind messages like this. I say it twice because a lot of you are getting them. And yes, they are threatening whether you’re in Florida or Alaska or wherever they’re going now. It is not from the Proud Boys.

Now, you will see threats in these emails; if you don’t vote for Trump, we have your information, we know where you live, we will come after you. A lot of people getting these have already voted, but still very scary to receive one, I’m sure.

The choice to use the Proud Boys is also relevant. It is proof that the president’s influence at home and abroad is real because he talked this group up, and he made them a target of opportunity for our enemies. Remember his message to the hateful Proud Boys of ‘stand back and stand by’ at the last debate. Now we know at least one foreign actor was listening. These foreign efforts are expected, by the way. We saw them in 2016. We see them all the time. What’s not expected is for their goal to be given a boost by our president.

According to Cuomo, Iran chose The Proud Boys because Trump had “talked them up.” The reality seems to be much different. If you assume, as Cuomo does, that the Iranians are just stupid and had done no assessment of US domestic politics before deciding to interfere in our election, then the obvious source of their knowledge about this group is from the US media howling about The Proud Boys. From that, they concluded that anything attributed to The Proud Boys would hurt President Trump.

So, if President Trump, who never supported The Proud Boys, did not disavow them, then he was a white supremacist (although The Proud Boys are really doing white supremacy all wrong by having Black members). If he did disavow them, then he raised their profile and enticed the Iranians to use them as a foil to hurt Trump.

That is what passes for news analysis on CNN.