Rev. Jamal Bryant, Who Tried To Sell Free Wuhan Virus Tests for $150 a Pop, Calls All Black People Who Spoke at the RNC 'Slaves'

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FILE – In this April 21, 2015 file photo, The Rev. Jamal Bryant leads a rally outside of the Baltimore Police Department’s Western District police station during a march and vigil for Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Bryant, a pastor who was highly visible during the unrest in Baltimore after Gray’s death and who announced last week that he was running for Congress, dropped out of the race Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Generally, I don’t get involved in intramural combat outside my own team. Heaven knows, being in a party and political movement that includes Mitt Romney, National Review, and some of the other morons and grifters gives me plenty of targets. Being a traditional Roman Catholic, I don’t have to go looking for fights that are happening elsewhere. But sometimes there is such vile bullsh** spouted that you just have to speak up.

Today there is a “March on Washington.” In honor of George Floyd’s passing, it is subtitled “Get Your Knee Off Our Neck.” It seems to be protesting an unjust society where folks can get paid hundreds of millions of dollars for tossing a ball around…or refusing to toss a ball around.  It is so important that it is not trending on Twitter. But it is there and you know the grift is good because Al Sharpton is involved.

One of the speakers is a “minister” named Jamal Bryant. Apparently he is some big deal within the African Methodist Episcopal church. Whatever his contributions to theology or his community, he has drawn a lot of attention:

What makes the Wuhan testing grift sweeter his that he was going to charge his parishioners $150 for getting something the could get for free. This is a man who thinks big and whose ability to extract money from the unwary is unlimited.


Here he is earlier today:

And not a single word was spoken to contradict him. Anywhere.

If some leftwing grifter wants to use his church as his personal piggybank, that’s between him and whatever sentient beings might be in his congregation. If he wants to follow Joe Biden’s lead and declare Black Americans who see the GOP as a better choice “slaves,” it is a free country and no one on my side of the aisle is going to be trying to put his church out of business (though if Maryland didn’t have a hopelessly partisan state government, it would have taken care of this particular white-washed–can I even say that these days?–tomb filled with corruption). If the Reverend wants to declare himself Black Pope and decide who is actually Black, I don’t have a dog in that fight.

What I do hope some folks notice is that over the course of the last week, everyday men and women, of all colors, told through their own experience how Republican policies had made their lives better. Making those decisions is what free people do. No one would pretend to tell a white person what to think based on their race and for anyone, regardless of skin color, to tell a Black person that their skin color limits their choices is the height of paternalism and racism.


I know that under the whole bullsh** philosophy of “intersectionalism,” it is impossible for a Black person to be a racist. But I live in the real world, not some neo-Marxist wonderland and I’ll call it as I see it.

More to the point, this shows why anyone who wants to talk/negotiate/placate these fascists in BLM is unfit for any position in our political movement and in any of its component organizations. Associating with the likes of Bryant is no different, in any way, from associating with a typical KKK member. And the KKK guy won’t try to sell you a Wuhan virus test for $150.


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