Kenosha Shooter Is Arrested and Charged With First Degree Murder In the Death of Antifa Rioters

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Last night, two people who are dressed and act like Antifa goons were shot and killed in a street confrontation in Kenosha, WI. This shooting is the third time that a member of Antifa has been killed because the attacked an armed citizen (see Howling Leftwing Mob Tries to Murder a Man in Albuquerque but They Don’t Count on Him Defending Himself, and The Left Is Trying to Create Their Own Horst Wessel but They Just Aren’t Good Enough).


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Now an arrest has been made in the case:

A 17-year-old suspect is in custody in Illinois after a shooting during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, left two people dead and one injured.

The suspect identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, is being held at a juvenile facility in Illinois. He is expected to be charged with first-degree intentional homicide, but the official complaint (which would contain the charge) has not been released yet.

Rittenhouse has been assigned a public defender and will make his first court appearance Friday.

The video from the incident is chilling, to say the least. We see a man we presume to be Rittenhouse pursued by a group of Antifa thugs. An object that looks like a Molotov Cocktail it thrown in his direction, hinting that this is not a recreational fun run. He is struck from behind and either falls or is knocked down, and he is attacked while on the ground. He shoots three attackers.


My colleague, shipwreckedcrew, did a detailed analysis of the law and what may or may not be considered self-defense, read it at Breaking Down The Videos Of The Two Shooting Incidents In Kenosha — Self-Defense?


But it is obvious that even in a “duty to retreat” state, it is pretty obvious that Rittenhouse could not have done anything more to avoid conflict short of teleporting himself out of the area. In the meantime, video from more angles has emerged and it provides a lot more context to this encounter.

Some of the terrorist sympathizers boosting Antifa have claimed that the alleged “Medic” is holding a cellphone. Unless his cellphone has a handle, it is a pistol.


A couple of thoughts. First, I’m not going to go out on a limb and say that Rittenhouse being in that area was a smart thing. As a citizen, he clearly had a right to be there, and under Wisconsin law carrying the weapon was not illegal, per se. However, I don’t profess to be an authority on age restrictions on open carry. Given the rural nature of Wisconsin, I imagine that being 17 made carrying the weapon legal. Crossing state lines to be on the site of a violent riot and bringing heat is also not a good look in this case. Just because you can do something is not a good reason for actually doing it.

Having said that, attacking a man with a gun is a profoundly stupid idea, and if you get killed, well, play stupid f***ing games and win stupid f***ing prizes. I have zero sympathy for anyone who would chase a man down the street, knock him down, and try to kill or seriously injure him. The fact that the Antifa goons had at least one weapon among them gave Rittenhouse little choice other than to be killed himself. If this is not self-defense, then there is no such thing as self-defense in this country. Charging him with first-degree murder seems like a statement by the Democrat government in Kenosha to the protesters that they have their back and will protect them.


Many of us here have predicted how this movie ends. The only question here is whether this incident convinces Antifa that the price of rioting is too high, or if it encourages them to try to get their own back by killing someone opposing them.


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