Memo Goes Out to Media to Focus on Darkness of Trump Campaign

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President Donald Trump speaks on stage during the first day of the Republican National Committee convention, Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Charlotte. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

If you’ve followed the antics of our media for any time you know that their behavior is indistinguishable from that of any other herd animal…lemmings, in particular, come to mind. From outlet to outlet, you find reporters picking up on precisely the same themes and even use the same examples and verbiage. Some of this happens organically. The political media went to the same schools, have the same politics, they hang out together, many of them are boinking one another, some of them are even in heterosexual marriages (NTTAWWT), they are always at the same events, and many of them live in the DC area. But there is no doubt that there is behind the scenes coordination of themes and words to use in describing events. Who can forget when Rush Limbaugh put together a montage of the media slavishly using the word “gravitas” to slam George Bush in 2000.

The word that has been agreed upon by the media for the Trump candidacy and campaign is “dark.” It started last week when the Washington Post and CNN both characterized Trump’s statements about America in the thrall of a Kamala Harris regency on behalf of an obviously demented Joe Biden as dark. It wasn’t an accident; it was just some over-anxious media parrots jumping the gun.


This is from last night.

CNN: <Trump uses dark message to kick off RNC despite aides’ claims of optimism

The Guardian: RNC 2020: key takeaways from the first night of Republicans’ dark convention

Washington Post: Republican convention speakers share dark vision of Democrats and praise Trump’s character

The Hill: Kimberly Guilfoyle gives dark convention address warning of Democratic destruction of country

Chicago Tribune: As RNC kicks off, Republicans issue dark warnings about country’s future and distort Trump’s record


If you watched our stellar liveblogging of the first night of the RNC last night (tune in again tonight at 8:45, participate on Twitter using the hashtag #RSLiveBlog) you know that these characterizations are the furthest thing from the truth. The speeches, across the board, invoked the greatness of America and were upbeat about what America can be when the creative genius of its people is unleashed. This is a sampling:


The only “dark” parts were the reminders of the dystopic sh**holes that are currently in Democrat-run cities in Democrat-run states and the reminders of the hate and intolerance of traditional values that is baked into the Democrat party. Blaming the GOP for being “dark” by discussing the policies and ideals of the other party is little short of bizarre.

This is just the way these media people operate. There is no originality and no insight. Their coverage is less observation that taking dictation fromi Democrat politicians and consultants. They are less a profession than an ongoing Greek chorus singing the praise of Democrats and heaping invective on conservatives.


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