South Philly Men Teach Leftwing Scum That Bothering Neighborhoods Where They Aren't Welcome Is a Dumb Move

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Activists standing along 5th Avenue in New York display a sign in favor of keeping the statue of Christopher Columbus during the annual Columbus Day Parade on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Yesterday, an attempt by the antifa or their sympathizers — which, I’m reliably told by the political correspondents at CNN who are temporarily self-identifying as men does not exist — to remove a Christopher Columbus statue in South Philly went seriously off the rails.

Columbus has become a target of these people because his arrival in the New World marked the beginning of the end of a bloody regime of paganism built upon the practices of human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism which seem to be coming back into vogue on the left.

Here’s the incident told, just for grins, from the viewpoint of the wannabe terrorist douchebag who wanted to deface or destroy it:

Let me observe that this assclown’s situational awareness is nil. This is a pampered, privileged twit who doesn’t know when his audience is not in the mood to listen to neo-Marxist dialectic.


You can almost see it pounding its tiny, impotent fists of fury on the ground.

Good for these guys. This is the kind of reaction these people need to get more often. As a rule, I don’t really approve of mob violence but there are times when the outrage of the community deserves to have a voice. If torching police cars was a justifiable reaction to the George Floyd killing, then a pseudo-journalist with no byline anywhere getting sent packing for accusing people he doesn’t even know of being racist was justified. All in all, I think the gentlemen defending the statue were remarkably restrained.


I’m sure they’ll be right on it.

I think that if this nonsense continues were going to see more and more of this and the people who are demanding the disbanding of police forces and using violence to bully the legal system into prosecuting police officers are going to discover that the world they are creating, a world where the police have decided it is safer to not intervene in dangerous situations than to put their career and freedom on the line, is not going to work out all that well for them.



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