The Left's Strategy for November Is to Accuse President Trump of Killing Americans to Stay in Power

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden laughs with audience members during a meeting with local residents, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)


What do you campaign on when your candidate is a doddering old man on the cusp of clinically diagnosable dementia and who has as history of corruption, self-dealing, and toadying to Communist China? Well, if you are the current Democrat party, you campaign on the theme that President Trump deliberately killed Americans during this Wuhan virus pandemic scare.

James Carville, who I’d mistakenly thought had gained some modicum of decency led off the attack.

“So my kind of mission here in the short term is to sound the alarm to say Mitch McConnell and the Supreme Court, they’re going to do everything they can to hold on to power and Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer, we’ve got to dig in and make sure states have funding to conduct these elections and to put pressure on them to make sure they’re done fairly. This thing in Wisconsin was one of the most awful things I’ve ever seen in my life. Just the extent they’ll go to to hold on to power. It was all about one Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin. They will kill people to stay in power. Literally.”

Just to be clear, what Carville is talking about is a decision by the US Supreme Court that a federal judge in Wisconsin could not arbitrarily change the ‘time, place, and manner’ to the state primary election. The insinuation that anyone was actually put in danger of death by the decision is either blatant dishonesty or panic-driven drivel. If it occurred in a vacuum, then one would think little of it. But it didn’t.


The Denver Post has accused Trump of threatening the health and safety of Coloradans over this tweet:

This issue here was that a panic-stricken governor of a state with a total of 6,000 cases of Wuhan virus and a total of 226 (at this writing) Wuhan related deaths wanted to hoard some 500 ventilators. When the federal government stepped in to ensure a more equitable distribution, the Denver Post went full bloody-shirt.

Trump had only days before prevented Colorado Gov. Jared Polis from securing 500 ventilators from a private company, instead, taking the ventilators for the federal government. Polis sent a formal letter pleading for medical equipment, but the president took the time to make clear he was responding to a request from Gardner. We are left to believe that if Colorado didn’t have a Republican senator in office, our state would not be getting these 100 ventilators. How many ventilators would we be getting if we had a Republican governor and a second Republican senator? Would that indicate we had more Republican lives in our state worth saving for Trump and resources would start flowing? Should Utah be concerned that Sen. Mitt Romney voted to remove the president from office?

Trump should not target Democratic governors like Polis, Jay Inslee of Washington and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan during this difficult time. Regardless of the personal feuds that may exist between the president and these elected officials, their constituents, the ones who would benefit from resources, are blameless.

It’s far too early to reflect on the performance of Trump’s administration during this crisis, but on this one urgent point — the immediate allocation resources to states — we felt it essential to speak up immediately. We find it hard to believe decisions are being made on such a morally bankrupt basis, but Trump is doing this nation no favors by giving us the impression that politics will drive his administration’s response to a virus that has already killed thousands of Americans and will kill thousands more.


Never mind that far-left governors like Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo have given the White House credit for responding quickly to their needs.

The most blatant offering has been by the Washington Post’s resident harridan, Jennifer Rubin.

[Read my colleague, Sister Toldjah’s take on this piece]

This lays out the kind of campaign the Democrats have to wage in order to have a prayer of winning the White House in November. They must attack the voting system and they must attack the economy and the only way they can really do that is by continuing to drive the Wuhan virus panic and pointing to any let up of the bizarre restrictions on American mobility and commerce now in place as an example of the willingness of President Trump to actually kill Americans to stay in power.

The tactic is not only dispicable…that, however, is not unusual for Democrat presidential campaigns, if you recall the Democrats ran in 2004 on the idea that George Bush had allowed 9/11 to take place…it is dangerous. We all know exactly what happens when you wind up leftwing partisans and point them at a target. If you don’t know, call Steve Scalise, he does.




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